We are pleased to announce that Namiki Gallery has reopened in March 2020.

There are two gallery spaces that can be used differently in one building!

The gallery on the first floor is the main space where artworks on display can be seen from the street.

And the second floor is a small gallery space with a café shop.

We introduce various genres of contemporary art through the exhibitions.

We will keep striving to make this space comfortable. And looking forward to create new ideas together with the artists and people who gather at this gallery.


Noriko Okuyama


Michi Ogawa

Two Artists Exhibition - Wave Motion of Surface and Line - Michi Ogawa and Noriko Okuyama (closed)

April 27 wed - May 2 mon

11:00 - 18:00

Following on from last year's exhibition at Namiki Gallery, Michi Ogawa and I (Noriko Okuyama) will be holding a” Two-Person Exhibition”.

We normally don’t decide how we do it, but our paintings seem to be in harmony with each other without any conflict.

The surfaces and lines represent our individuality. I chose the word "wave motion" to describe the resonance between our works.

Every day, I draw what I notice, what I feel, and what I do in my daily life one by one, using oil, drawing, and beeswax painting.

In this exhibition, I will be showing many works in blue, which is an image of wave motion.

I would be happy if you could take a walk and come to see my work.