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Beyond the boundaries of arts and crafts, I would like to be a place to introduce fresh and energetic artists. We hold many works exhibitions. Please enjoy the works of artist breathing in the same age.

市川 透

Toru Ichikawa

Toru Ichikawa solo Exhibition (closed)

April 16 tue - April 27 sat

Toru Ichikawa continues to develop ceramics works with its own style. Presenting a strong expression of assertion such as red and black, gold silver, kiln change etc. to the edged form. He continues to disseminate themes with a highly self-assertive style.


Author Comment

There is nothing to strictly protect, as the flow of the river is not the same at a time, there is no time at the same time.

Only accept darkness, light and change.

I also want to express with a free soul that is not bound to cotton and even to anything · · ·

 sake bowl cupboard pottery floral objects etc.