『hitotoki』72.8x51.5(cm) イラストレーションボードにアクリル 1999年

"hitotoki", 72.8x51.5(cm), Acrylic on illustration board, 1999

Senko Takahashi Solo Exhibition

April 21 tue - April 25 sat  Open every day during the exhibhition

Senko Takahashi moved to New York Manhattan after graduating from Tama Art University and worked as a graphic designer.

After returning to Japan, he opened his first store at Nika Exhibition in 1995, and has won prizes for ten consecutive years.

Worked on beauties and beauty-related illustrations, and in 2012 she was selected as the first Disney-approved artist in Japan by expressing her unique worldview that combines Disney characters and beauties.

Based on the concept of expressing the uncertainty of information that can be read from human expressions, he continues to create works that evoke human thoughts.

Solo exhibition in Tokyo for the first time in 10 years.

The exhibition will focus on beauty paintings that express the unique worldview recognized by the world.