Heian period Mirror

We had to close our store for about a month and a half until the end of May with this corona disaster, but when we reopen the store in June, we decided to sell something that can be called the identity of our gallery. This is because I have realized that unconsciously, I have been postponing to share the artworks that are my favorite. So, first of all, a square mirror from the Heian period.

Mirror has always been a must-have item for archeological Buddhist arts, not to mention the name of Hirose Toson!
If there is a square mirror, it will be drooling! However, it seems that the collector's tendency seems to be moving away from the mirror these days. It can be said that there is no help for it because antiques have become fashionable and obsolete, and mirrors are becoming collector's items only for related companies.

By the way, among them, the very few good-looking mirrors are at the top of the collector's items. If you say that it is only square, it is up to that point, but you know how antique lovers are.

Since mirrors must be reflectable in the first place, they are usually of copper, and square mirrors are no exception, but this work is of bronze. Why?
It seems that this work was created for a burial tomb. The expensive copper mirror with a high amount of tin was a luxury item at that time, so cheaper bronze would have been sufficient for burial purposes without the need for reflection.

The pattern is a classic pine and crane. The cast is fully cast from the crane's feathers and pine needles, so it can be said that it is close to perfect as a buried mirror.

I can't deny that there was a feeling that I wanted to keep it for a while, but I must release it someday and here it is. Thank you.


◆Width: 10,1 cm, Height: 10,9 cm. Late Heian, Fujiwara period.

The lower row of the right column is from the Kuragami catalog of Hirose Toson. Among the dozens of mirrors in his catalog, only three mirrors are recorded.

◎Please contact for price at 090-4450-8127 or by email. Although a square mirror is an image that is worth millions, this work is not a bronze mirror, so it would not cost that much. Please do not hesitate to contact.

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