Mino Sake Tokkuri

I used to call it "God sake sake bottle", but it is originally one pair.
As you can see, these two are not paired, so let's name it "Tsumaburi Tokuri" again.

By the way, what kind of purpose were these Mino and miniatures created? No, I don't think it was used for something. Is it also fun to play a role?

It's kind of cheeky that a bracken sentence is drawn in this kind and that Oribe glaze is enough to make a drop.
Your skin will be moisturized, and just rolling it on the desk will make you feel calm.

Early Edo period. Even if it is so small, the fire will still fly.
◆ Large: Height 7,8 cm. Small: Height 5,8 cm.

Reference price: 47,000yen


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