Stone Figure of Monkey

Three human insects live in the human body, and they constantly monitor the actions of those who parasitize themselves, and on the evening of the Kosaru, which comes once every 60 days, the person While sleeping, he reports his daily activities to the Emperor. And if there is a bad thing, the life will be shortened or it will be fallen into hell, so it is said that it is not appropriate to be informed, so the villagers gathered and spent the night with entertainment and sake and spent the night. Therefore, it means that every human being remembers.

This is called "Koshin-ko" or "Koshin-machi", and since it is connected to Shin, it is associated with the Hiyoshi (Hieda) Sanno worship that uses the monkey as a ambassador. The pattern made on. Seeing that, this monkey doesn't have the divinity of being a ambassador, and it seems as if he were relaxing and having a chat. In particular, it accurately captures the characteristics of the monkey, such as the back figure from the shoulder to the neck, and it is by no means like an amateur's hand wedge as a sculpture. I had no choice but to take home after the eyes of the round eyes and the round eyes of a monkey were met. Also, I don't know if there is any meaning to this "semi-tempered" attitude, but there are a few other examples.

◆ Image height 30 cm. Estimated: Late Edo. It is the first shipment from Shinshu.
The stone quality is unknown, but it is a relatively light stone with a volcanic void.

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