Suda Kokuta "Ryumon Buddha Head"

For some reason, there are paintings that are favored by "Shikisha". Most of the favored artists are from the Meiji to Taisho eras, as a post-war painter, it would be Suda Kokuta. This work is one of the popular series among antique lovers, which depicts the bodhisattva head of the Ryumon Cave. As for the reason why our gallery handles this drawing is because I was more interested in "The Bodhisattva Head of the Ryumon Cave" than that of Kokuta himself! To be honest.

By making full use of the gouache (opaque watercolor paint) material and the unrestrained touch, the texture of the stone Buddha is expressed in a truly dynamic way. It is a gift of power. It seems to be trying to portray a broad personality of a Buddha that embraces everything, rather than just painting a stone Buddha, and the more I had it beside me, the more I loved it.

Suda Kokuta: 1906-1990. Japanese painter and calligrapher. Learned painting by himself and won 3 special prizes at "Nitten" and "Bunten" before World War II. After the war, he worked on abstract painting and was also keen on writing. A wide range of activities such as concrete, abstract, and calligraphy, receiving high praise both in Japan and overseas. Since 1969, he created an illustration for Ryotaro Shiba, “Kaido wo Yuku”, and cultivated deep friendship with Shiba. He left behind a group of works that were pure and innocent and full of energy. Deceased at age of 84.

◆ 310mm × 248mm. Gouache.

☆ Although the certificate is not included, we guarantee the authenticity at our gallery and the eyes of the handling gallery. Although it is reasonably priced (less than half), we can accept a separate certificate if you wish.

Reference price: 160,000yen


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