Sumidagawa Cup

It is a cup of Sumidagawa that is slightly larger than usual. The promised pair of birds is cute, isn't it?
I have always wanted to hold a Sumidagawa tea bowls and cups, since I had an incense burner just a long time ago, so when I saw this on the market and the condition was good, I had to bid a little.
That's why this piece was waiting quietly at the store for a while.
There is a very small glaze on the mouth of the blue circle (which is almost invisible to the naked eye), and I think the firing is also good.

Diameter 8.5 cm, height 4.2 cm. It's relatively large.
Signiture of "Hyakkaen" on the bottom. I think it's in the Meiji era.

Reference price: 78,000yen


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