Tokoname Jar

Tokoname "Sansujitsubo", which is known to old-fashioned Sukiyose, is the name-giving parent of this name is Mr. Yuji Sawada of the Tokoname Institute of Ceramics (familiar with too thin and boxy taste). , Also speculated that the three lines mean that the five layers of the body and neck, which are divided into four by the sinking line, represent the Olympic thoughts of "Kazefuchimizuchi".

However, that theory cannot explain the type where the sinking line at the bottom like this work is near the bottom of the pot. Although there are various other theories, none of them are speculative, but it seems certain that many of these medieval Tokoname vases were used as Kezuka vases and osseous ware.

Well, even if you do not know the origin of the three lines, the pioneers have prized these vases as a deep flower arrangement and floor decoration, and although this work also lacks a neck, you can fully enjoy the varied natural glaze. I think it would be a good idea to get it.

In addition, as in the top image, the width of natural glaze flowing in this work is wide, so you can enjoy the two views just by slightly shifting the direction like the two images in the upper left column of the image.

◆ Diameter: 18,9 cm Height: 24,5 cm (Sujitsubo is about this size).

Traditionally, it has been considered that a line that linearly narrows from the shoulder like this work enters Kamakura. Also, the point where the three-stripe sinking line is a single line is considered to be below the multiple line. Recently, however, most of the three muscles were made during the period 1150 to 1200, and it became clear that they would decrease sharply as soon as they entered Kamakura, so this work will be the final stage of the production of the three muscles in Kamakura. It seems to be an early work.

Reference: Tokoname Ceramic Forest
"Beauty of Heian ~ Tokoname Sansuji Vase Exhibition"

Reference price: 280,000yen


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