Recently, the momentum of urban development in Japan has increased. Along with this momentum, the importance of building architecture, interior design and manufacturing has attracted attention. This seems to be verification that we are recognizing how important living spaces and the environment are to our daily lives. This is an indication that the trend towards higher quality lifestyles will b...

Yumiko Sato, who was in charge of space coordination for the Tokyo Art Antique "Surrounded by Favorite Things-Nice Coordination with Art That I Can Do" project, and Noriyuki Maesaka, the owner of TAA participating store Maesaka Seitendo, I will be on stage at an art and culture course sponsored by Kyobashi Saiku! At TAA, Ms. Sato's lecture was planned, but it did not come true just after the st... (2021-9-8)

Lovely Space with Art On the dinning table, on the side table, at the entrance, put your favorite art work. Try to unify the whole color using it. It just makes the place tighter and more elegant. It's a space you see every day, so it would be nice if you could produce something that looks wonderful and value each day. At the TAA, participating stores rented venues and works, and the space coor... (2020-4-8)

The Tokyo Art & Antique Committee has decided to cancel the Tokyo Art & Antique 2020 event due to the announcement of today's emergency declaration. We are very sorry, but we ask for your understanding. Also, we are very sorry for those who were looking forward to this event every year and those who have planned for the first time this year. We will look forward to more exciting project... (2020-4-7)

The exhibition and Talk event at Galleria Community Space is canceled. We will be showing Ms. Sato's table coordinations by photographs on the website. Series: Let's have an Omotenashi Art in everyday life, we will hold a talk event titled "These are my favorite things --Bringing art in your daily life" by Yumiko Sato.  We asked Ms. Yumiko Sato, space and table coordinator, to make a wonderful ... (2020-3-6)

Tokyo Art & Antiques will hold a collaboration event "LIFE WITH KOGEI" with "Hale marche", a sister brand of "Art & Craft Market", from 4/24 to 4/28 at Nihonbashi Galleria Community Space.  The Nihonbashi Galleria Community Space will be an information base as well as a workshop space and craft sale space of artists.  <participants> Mokkei & Maison de neko Memorys Gallery Kei ... (2019-4-16)

Jomon wares and "Haniwa" has become very popular world wide. We will be exhibiting these art of the Jomon period. The sophisticated forms and design made over 1000 years ago matches the modern space or other contemporary art that it will color up your life. I would like you to enjoy the art of archeology closer, not just as a story in the text book from school.    We are introducing art works a... (2019-2-7)