We are a specialty shop of antique chinese ceramics and porcelain ware, bronze ware and antique funitures.

We had to close our store for about a month and a half until the end of May with this corona disaster, but when we reopen the store in June, we decided to sell something that can be called the identity of our gallery. This is because I have realized that unconsciously, I have been postponing to share the artworks that are my favorite. So, first of all, a square mirror from the Heian period. Mir... (2020-6-24)

Decorative metal fittings 3-5 BC bronze L-8cm .w-7cm (2020-5-2)

A very rare bronze amulet with the heads of different animals, horse and sheep. Even if it is called an amulet, there are various materials and shapes. In short, all things worn as protection are collectively called amulets. Bronze animal type amulets are found in nomadic ethnic groups, and are famous for Ukrainian Scythians and Mongolian Ordos. The left and right toes are connected in a V shap... (2020-5-2)

The prototype of the leather belt we are wearing today seems to have already existed in China during the Warring States period, and the mechanism is almost the same as it is today. However, it was much more fashionable and expensive than our belt, so of course only a handful of royal nobles could wear it. Moreover, it is believed that in China and Korea, it was considered that gold, silver, or ... (2020-5-2)

For the horse-shaped strap, attach one end of the leather belt to the round button-shaped protrusion on the back and fasten the other end of the belt (has a circular metal fitting been attached to it) to the crown hook protruding from the chest of the horse. The so-called buckle to use. Even with the same bronze band hook, the dragon shape is almost standard in China, which originated in the Se... (2020-4-25)

Jomon period jarh7cmBidding starts from 25,000yen~  Gosu Sometsuke bowl with cow designMing dynastyh8.5cmBidding starts from 50,000yen~  Sueki jar Kofun periodFormerly owned by Yasuda Yukihikoh14.5cmBidding starts from 40,000yen~  Bronze KannonnEdo periodh2.9cmBidding starts from 10,000yen~   Flolio rubbing of Han dynasty stone imagew54cmBidding starts from 3,000yen~ (2019-3-25)

Ancient art works, such as comma‐shaped beads, Luristan, small bronze Buddha, yong etc. Stone rubbing are from 2,000yen. (2019-2-1)

Stone carved cow, Sumer Bronze ringholder, East Zhou dynasty Bronze goat, Luristan Designed Brick, Han dynasty (2018-3-26)