We handle antiques and antique art, such as ceramic and porcelain, old paintings and calligraphy, lacquer ware, tea ceremony equipments and Buddhist art. We selecte iems that are enjoyable and attractive regardless of age, country, genre, or price.

We handle Japanese calligraphy paintings, antiques and art.  The usual open hours is from 11am to 6pm. 2min walk from Ginza Icchome station of Yurakucho line, 8min walk from Yurakucho station of JR Yamanote line. 5min walk from Higashi Ginza station A8 exit of Toei Asakusa lilne, 6min walk from Ginza station of Ginza line.Message from the owner:Tea Ceremony is served at our tea room.

It is 35 years since I opened in Nihonbashi muromachi. We handle modern Japanese paintings, foreign painters, existing and deceased painters, especially Suda Kokuta. Message from the owner:Please do not hesitate to come in. Art works are there for you to look at and enjoy. Ask me anything if you have any question.

On Utage  Kashima Arts is proud to announce the launch of Utage, a series of special exhibitions to be held every spring. Catered to each occasion, these exhibitions will showcase the best of Kashima Arts’ selection. In this new tradition, Kashima Arts will introduce, exhibit, and offer the very best of Japanese art, from hanging scrolls to calligraphy and paintings, each spring through Utage.... (2022-3-1)

I make my effort to arrange Buddhist art, antique ceramics, and antique works of art that colors people's life. At the same time, in the space in the back, I will hold an exhibition of Seichiku Amano's calligraphy. (@ seichiku426) I would appreciate it if you could feel free to view books, flowers, antique art. (2022-3-1)

"Life on this planet" is a joint exhibition by two galleries, "Mokkei" and "Maison de neko", with the theme of creatures on the earth. The contents of the exhibition are a collaboration between the world of antique art centered on Chinese ceramics and artists such as modern wood carving, pottery, metal engraving, and painting.Now that the changes in the global environment caused by humankind ha... (2022-3-1)

The art of Rosanjin has attracted so many people even after 60 years of his death. It is said that the number of his works reaches 300,000 items including pottery works, lacquer works, seal engraving, calligraphy and paintings. We, Shibuya Kurodatoen, introduce selected works from the tremendous. The site we open Rokeian used to be a gallery by the great artist KITAOJI Rosanjin and his Bishoku ... (2022-3-1)

Charity auction is canceled, but we will hold auction sale in future so    1. Kosugi Houan 37x35cm, scroll 2. Tsuchida Bakusen 44x54cm, scroll 3. Oyama Chusaku 54x42cm, Japanese painting 4. Yamaguchi Shunsou 25x28cm, Japanese painting 5. Osawa Shousuke 36x47cm, Lithograph 6. Hayashi Takeshi 31.5x40.5cm, Calligraphy (2020-3-23)