Song Ceramics are one of the very popular Chinese ceramic genres among Japanese. They are known for simple and refined shape with monochromatic glaze, and because of their universality, they have been highly valued in Ming and Qing dynasties. There are some ware, however, that add a flourish to the world of monochrome, such as Cizhou ware being very unique to Song Ceramics having decorated with... (2022-3-1)

Approximately 100 years ago, a ceramic pottery was found in the Choshu kiln in the town of "Chuka" in southern Hebei. Many people were fascinated by the vibrant, free and clear patterns and powerful modeling, and it became a typical kiln for Song Ming. The Shinshu kiln is fired by applying white makeup and transparent glaze to a gray substrate. Although it is a soft and warm style unique to a t... (2020-1-28)