We have been calling a copper figure such as a horseman's product "nottari" in Japan for a long time. The etymology is still "乗ったり Nottari (to be on the back of a horse)"? Or is it just a look of "ノタリノタリ Notari Notari (walking lazy)? In any case, if it is a four-legged horse, a cow, or a deer, it seems that everyone is said to be "notable", but the long ears and small body of this sta... (2020-5-2)

A very rare bronze amulet with the heads of different animals, horse and sheep. Even if it is called an amulet, there are various materials and shapes. In short, all things worn as protection are collectively called amulets. Bronze animal type amulets are found in nomadic ethnic groups, and are famous for Ukrainian Scythians and Mongolian Ordos. The left and right toes are connected in a V shap... (2020-5-2)

For the horse-shaped strap, attach one end of the leather belt to the round button-shaped protrusion on the back and fasten the other end of the belt (has a circular metal fitting been attached to it) to the crown hook protruding from the chest of the horse. The so-called buckle to use. Even with the same bronze band hook, the dragon shape is almost standard in China, which originated in the Se... (2020-4-25)

Lovely Space with Art On the dinning table, on the side table, at the entrance, put your favorite art work. Try to unify the whole color using it. It just makes the place tighter and more elegant. It's a space you see every day, so it would be nice if you could produce something that looks wonderful and value each day. At the TAA, participating stores rented venues and works, and the space coor... (2020-4-8)

The exhibition and Talk event at Galleria Community Space is canceled. We will be showing Ms. Sato's table coordinations by photographs on the website. Series: Let's have an Omotenashi Art in everyday life, we will hold a talk event titled "These are my favorite things --Bringing art in your daily life" by Yumiko Sato.  We asked Ms. Yumiko Sato, space and table coordinator, to make a wonderful ... (2020-3-6)

川島公之   僕が入社した30 年前頃には、叩き上げの目利きの先輩方がたくさんいた。龍泉堂の大番頭であった杉山定敏さんもその一人で、あれは入社して3 か月目を迎えた頃であろうか、当時の高橋三朗社長から、「今日は杉山さんが来るから、キミ、よく見ていなさい」と言われた。どんな人が来るのだろうかと店の入口で待っていると、70 歳を超えたくらいの爺さんが入って来た。僕の顔をじろっと見るなり「おい、誰だよ」と言うの... (2019-3-1)

Gallery Talk: 4/26 and 4/27 Both days start at 3pm. Admission free. The gallery will be crowded so please come early. (2019-2-1)

Gallery Talk: 4/26 and 4/27 Both days start at 3pm. Admission free. The gallery will be crowded so please come early. (2019-2-1)

Charity bid will be held at the galleries bellow. Part of the profit will be donated to charity organizations.(Please ask the gallery which organization the gallery will donating.) How to partícipate1. Check some the art works at the website. (Note: The bid will not be held at the website. Not all of the art works will be updated.) 2. Visit the gallery during the Tokyo Art & Antiques perio... (2017-3-20)

Jomon Pottery Piece bid price from 8,000yen Fudo-myo-ou-inbutsu, heirloom of Toji from bid price from 90,000yen Ordos Pegasus decoration Horse tack, Han dynasty bid price from 45,000yen Tube beads from Kofun period bid price from 6,000yen each (2017-3-20)