A project to reaffirm the diverse talents of Masuo Ikeda (1934-97). Watercolors that make you feel the influence of Ei-Q, a sense of collage that designers envy, lithographs that quickly adopted CG, ceramic works that you can feel a longing for ancient times. Even now, it will be a special exhibition that exhibits about 30 works with novel sensibilities. (2022-3-1)

All bidding starts from 15,000yen! *image:  Ikeda Masuo, 1985, Lithograph, 38.3×28.2cm, ed150Bidding starts from 15,000 (tax included), with frame. (2019-3-25)

Munch、Ruault、Tetsuro Komai、Chimei Hamada、Masuo Ikeda、Toshihiko Ikeda、Junji Yamada... etc Art Exhibition of copperplate only (2018-2-5)

(closed on sundays except during the Tokyo Art & Antique Festival) Works of Riko Hasegawa, Shinichi Saito, Masuo Ikeda. (2014-3-1)