Real art with eternal value for you Gallery Suiha specializes in artworks of the early 20th century mastersincluding Picasso, Matisse and the artists of the School of Paris such as Chagall ,Foujita,Utrillo and Laurencin. In addition to these masters,Gallery Suiha has dealt in the works by their successors including Buffet,Casigneul and Brazilier. Recently the gallery has developed in its busine...

I've always been a fan of Yasunori Taninaka's works and have been featured at the Tokyo Art & Antiques (former Nihonbashi Kyobashi Antique Festival) for the past few years. And so that as many people as possible can get to know Taninaka's wonderful world view, let's introduce it little by little on this site! So, as the first Taninaka work this time, I chose "Old Lady's Move" contained in H... (2020-5-2)

Seiji Togo is a landlord of beautiful paintings, and this is something that can no longer be doubted.An elegant and romantic screen with graceful curves and pale tones. There are women who are luscious, seductive and erotic, but who do not lose dignity and dignity.Togo has established a model beauty known as the "Togo style" at a glance. Togo, who had traveled to France in his early twenties (T... (2020-4-25)

[Morning of Yoshinoyama in May]  1958. At first glance, "black-rimmed" forest trees reminiscent of Georges Rouault. Is the lake over there? And the back is Mt. Yoshino.The title reminds me of the refreshing mountain scenery after the cherry blossoms of Yoshino's famous cherry blossoms. This painting is colored with intense colors and intense touches. The subjective feeling that my heart felt wi... (2020-4-25)

This exhibition is canceled.   Miyako Takehara was born in Toyama prefecture in 1988.She graduated from Toyama University Art Culture department in Toyama and Musashino Art University in Tokyo.Miyako Takehara who has won the prizes several times at Inten has a Solo Exhibition in Hayshida gallery.  Her paintings often centralize on day-to-day sceneries and domestic animals, using a unique techni... (2020-2-6)