The beauty of art has always captivated our hearts.We, Kashima Arts, is continuously seek to contribute to the development of art through nourishment of the two “eyes” called Shinbigan; 真美眼(an eye to see the true beauty) and 審美眼(an eye to see the true value) . What these “eyes” look into is all the beauty from east and west, ranging from traditional Japanese art to up-and-coming contem...

Size: SMMaterial: acrylic, board A unique artist who studied at the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering in Waseda University. While conscious of life sciences that he was interested in and majored in graduate school, he create works that symbolize modern society with story drawings in which creatures strangely intertwined. He is a highly anticipated artist who won the Showa Ka... (2020-5-7)

Ito Jakuchu, Soga Shohaku, Nagasawa Rosetsu, Hakuin Ekaku. This exhibition focuses on these unordinary painters from Edo era. Suzuki Kiitsu and Iwasa Matabei will also be on view. Please contact Kashima Arts for free catalog. (2019-1-10)

This will be our 15th "BISAI" and will be exhibiting more than 450 japanese paintings from edo to modern period. This is a great chance to look at the master's works, such as Jakuchu Ito, Oukyo Maruyama, Gaho Hashimoto, Souseki Natsume, Takeji Fujishima, without exhibiting glass barrier. (2014-3-1)