Since Sankeido Gallery began in 1871, we are concerned to ensure that sincerity and confidence remain our most important values. We have done our best to perform the appointed tasks as an art dealer, such as preserving art works, making the art market stable, introducing art pieces of real value, supporting young artists, and so on. Believing that arts, which can add taste to our lives, will pl...

Real art with eternal value for you Gallery Suiha specializes in artworks of the early 20th century mastersincluding Picasso, Matisse and the artists of the School of Paris such as Chagall ,Foujita,Utrillo and Laurencin. In addition to these masters,Gallery Suiha has dealt in the works by their successors including Buffet,Casigneul and Brazilier. Recently the gallery has developed in its busine...

Picture Size 25 × 28 cm - Picture frame Size 43. 5 × 46. 5cm  Hoshun Yamaguchi  October 15, 1893 May 31, 1971 Japanese painter. Born in Matsushiro-cho, Matsumae-gun, Hokkaido. After graduating from Tokyo Takanawa Junior High School in 1913, he entered Tokyo University of the Arts. Studied under Eioka Matsuoka and learned Yamato-e. Graduated in 23, participated in the Shinto Yamato picture soc... (2020-5-18)

Araki Jippo (October 5  1872(3 Meiji 5)-1944 (September 11(Showa 19) is a Japanese painter. Born in Omura, Nagasaki Prefecture. Jippo worked on the creation of a new Japanese painting based on tradition under the slogan of "Old-Guard Gradualism," and in the end, from the symbolic style, he evoked strong spirituality with exquisite style.  Image size 32 x 51 cm, axis size 129 x 64.5 cm, with-box (2020-5-12)

We have been calling a copper figure such as a horseman's product "nottari" in Japan for a long time. The etymology is still "乗ったり Nottari (to be on the back of a horse)"? Or is it just a look of "ノタリノタリ Notari Notari (walking lazy)? In any case, if it is a four-legged horse, a cow, or a deer, it seems that everyone is said to be "notable", but the long ears and small body of this sta... (2020-5-2)

24 x 30 cm Frame included, Colored on DriftwoodThree-dimensional Uribo parent and child. The work is framed to a board. The world of Miyako Takehara spreads in three-dimensional works. (2020-5-2)

Seiji Togo is a landlord of beautiful paintings, and this is something that can no longer be doubted.An elegant and romantic screen with graceful curves and pale tones. There are women who are luscious, seductive and erotic, but who do not lose dignity and dignity.Togo has established a model beauty known as the "Togo style" at a glance. Togo, who had traveled to France in his early twenties (T... (2020-4-25)