The beauty of art has always captivated our hearts.We, Kashima Arts, is continuously seek to contribute to the development of art through nourishment of the two “eyes” called Shinbigan; 真美眼(an eye to see the true beauty) and 審美眼(an eye to see the true value) . What these “eyes” look into is all the beauty from east and west, ranging from traditional Japanese art to up-and-coming contem...

On Utage  Kashima Arts is proud to announce the launch of Utage, a series of special exhibitions to be held every spring. Catered to each occasion, these exhibitions will showcase the best of Kashima Arts’ selection. In this new tradition, Kashima Arts will introduce, exhibit, and offer the very best of Japanese art, from hanging scrolls to calligraphy and paintings, each spring through Utage.... (2022-3-1)

On our 30th anniversary year, our biannual sales exhibition BISAI comes back as “BISAI SEN”. The new catalogue will feature approximately 90 pieces of exclusive collection of Japanese Art. BISAI SEN catalogue is free for new customer. (2019-2-1)

Ito Jakuchu, Soga Shohaku, Nagasawa Rosetsu, Hakuin Ekaku. This exhibition focuses on these unordinary painters from Edo era. Suzuki Kiitsu and Iwasa Matabei will also be on view. Please contact Kashima Arts for free catalog. (2019-1-10)

Tokyo Art & Antiques has closed its 3 exciting days. Art lovers, repeaters and many first-time visitors, thank you for visiting us! We have received some nice messages too. We will be reporting our event soon on the website. Please look forward.   Dear visitors, If you have time, it would be very kind of you to answer few question at our questionnaire form. Your comments would really help u... (2018-4-29)

Kashima Arts is proud to present BISAI, a sales exhibition of Japanese Painting and Calligraphy, from April 21st through May 6, 2018. Ranging from traditional scrolls, calligraphy to modern arts, we exhibit over 400 pieces of works in our sophisticated gallery space including modern setting on the first floor, and more traditional atmosphere featuring tea ceremony space on the second floor. (2018-2-5)

There are still some ongoing exhibitions depending on the stores. You are absolutely welcomed to visit the exhibitions if you could not visit due to the busy schedule or would like to see it again in a relaxed manner. Shown below for your convenience is the ongoing exhibitions. (The exhibitions in order of end date) Exhibition of Handeishi Kawakita and the Modern to Contemporary Pottery Masterp... (2016-4-19)

13:00 - Allong with "BISAI" at Kashima Arts, talk event will be held refering to Gaho Hashimoto's art works and the surroundings. (2014-3-1)