The exhibition period is from April 22 (Monday) to 27 (Saturday). “Fresh green buds, refreshing wind bleaks” We asked for the theme of the soft winds. We will exhibit more than 10 new works including epic pieces. Please enjoy refreshing wind across the water surface appearing in the silk land with beautiful colors. (2019-2-1)

Tokyo Art & Antiques pamphlet of 2014 is being released at each gallery. Download version (10.5MB)   Errata:     p.8 Kanako Kiyomi Exhibition (Error) 4月14日(月)〜4月26日(土) (Correct) 4月16日(月)〜4月26日(土)   p.14 Ogawa Co., Ltd. phone and fax number (Error) ☎03-5250-0023 FAX.03-5250-7182 (Correct) ☎03-5524-1131 FAX.03-5524-1132   (2014-4-3)