Gyakko is a small quiet gallery a building in Hacchobori, across the Showa Ave. from Kyobashi and Nihonbashi. We deal with antiquarian books mainly on poems, and also ancient art works, lacquar wares, mingu (folk tools) used in old daily life, Joseon ceramics.

An attempt to greatly change the usual table scenery using old ceramics, lacquar wares and komingu (old folk tools) . (2018-2-5)

Recently, I find myself regularly using the phrase “urushi (lacquar) coated wooden bowl with rice” in my lectures. Urushi bowls are different from the ceramic ones, as they have low thermal conductivity and keep the heat longer. As urushi absorbs the moisture of the delicious warm rice, you can eat even the last grains of it. After one of my talks on urushi bowls, Yûta Miura approached me and m... (2018-2-5)