Uragami Sokyu-do Co., Ltd. was founded in 1979 in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. The founder, Mitsuru Uragami, worked for a well-established antique art dealer, Mayuyama & Co., for five years. Then started his own business, which marks its 43rd anniversary. Uragami Sokyu-do Co., Ltd. deal with the works of Asian art, especially that of Chinese, Korean and Japanese ceramics; as well as Ukiyo-e wood bloc...

Under the concept of “Highly appreciated art for use” widely suggesting total settings for many situations like tea ceremony or tableware, we treat woodworks, metal works, lacquer works in addition to antiques and paintings, in addition to modern and contemporary pottery.We have exhibitions of great masters who have led the pottery world from modern to the contemporary age, and also the exhibit...

We handle antiques and antique art, such as ceramic and porcelain, old paintings and calligraphy, lacquer ware, tea ceremony equipments and Buddhist art. We selecte iems that are enjoyable and attractive regardless of age, country, genre, or price.

We handle Japanese and Korean old ceramics, lacquer ware, old folk implements, archaeological relics and metalwork.

[Yuichiro Aida]   2001 Apprentice to Wajima Okuda Goemon ShotenThe beginning of the 2007 season. From the following year, he started making lacquer ware at Aizuwakamatsu. He works as he can think of, from vessels to sculptures. (2022-3-1)

We will hold the 9th solo exhibition by Daisuke Kurokawa, a blown glass artist.Works whose expression changes depending on the light, glassworks with a texture like pottery or lacquer…Mr. Kurokawa continues to explore the potential of glass art.This year's new series “Yoru no Utsuwa (glasswares of the night)” is attractive for its beauty of colored glass.We are overwhelmed by his technical and ... (2022-3-1)

Shouun Oriental Art's first floor space will newly open as Orient Occident. Thematic exhibition titled "Flower" will be held as its opening exhibition on April 14th and 15th. Ancient Japanese vessels, which can be used as flower vessels, will be exhibited. Selection of items will include Jomon pots, Yayoi pots, Sueki stoneware, bronze vessels, and lacquerware. Exhibition will also include antiq... (2017-2-10)