Uragami Sokyu-do Co., Ltd. was founded in 1979 in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. The founder, Mitsuru Uragami, worked for a well-established antique art dealer, Mayuyama & Co., for five years. Then started his own business, which marks its 43rd anniversary. Uragami Sokyu-do Co., Ltd. deal with the works of Asian art, especially that of Chinese, Korean and Japanese ceramics; as well as Ukiyo-e wood bloc...

In April 1905, the young 22-year-old Matsutarō Mayuyama (1882-1935), founder of Mayuyama & Co., (present-day Mayuyama & Co., Ltd.) set out on his own to Beijing, and there began his antiques business. At the time Beijing was a bustling art market thanks to rising Western interest in Asian art. The ancient cultural properties accidentally discovered and excavated during railway work on t...

Song Ceramics are one of the very popular Chinese ceramic genres among Japanese. They are known for simple and refined shape with monochromatic glaze, and because of their universality, they have been highly valued in Ming and Qing dynasties. There are some ware, however, that add a flourish to the world of monochrome, such as Cizhou ware being very unique to Song Ceramics having decorated with... (2022-3-1)

The Tokyo Art & Antique Committee has decided to cancel the Tokyo Art & Antique 2020 event due to the announcement of today's emergency declaration. We are very sorry, but we ask for your understanding. Also, we are very sorry for those who were looking forward to this event every year and those who have planned for the first time this year. We will look forward to more exciting project... (2020-4-7)

We will be canceling and postponing some events and exhibitions that fallows. We do not ask you to come to our event in this situation.The galleries will still be here and will welcome you any time after the virus is settled and it is safe for everyone.   [Cancelled] ● P.3, P.12  All events at Galleria Community Space(Concerge desk, sale of Hakuji Saika, Talk event by Ms. Yumiko Sato) ● P.4, 5,... (2020-3-31)

Chinese ceramics are eternal and long, as in their history. The various nations were unified when they prospered and sometimes divided, but the production of porcelain did not stop. Why? And what is the essence of Chinese ceramics? At one end, we would like you to enjoy the overflowing charm.    Gallery talk is cancelled. (2020-1-22)

川島公之   僕が入社した30 年前頃には、叩き上げの目利きの先輩方がたくさんいた。龍泉堂の大番頭であった杉山定敏さんもその一人で、あれは入社して3 か月目を迎えた頃であろうか、当時の高橋三朗社長から、「今日は杉山さんが来るから、キミ、よく見ていなさい」と言われた。どんな人が来るのだろうかと店の入口で待っていると、70 歳を超えたくらいの爺さんが入って来た。僕の顔をじろっと見るなり「おい、誰だよ」と言うの... (2019-3-1)

Gallery Talk: 4/26 and 4/27 Both days start at 3pm. Admission free. The gallery will be crowded so please come early. (2019-2-1)

Gallery Talk: 4/26 and 4/27 Both days start at 3pm. Admission free. The gallery will be crowded so please come early. (2019-2-1)