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Since Sankeido Gallery began in 1871, we are concerned to ensure that sincerity and confidence remain our most important values. We have done our best to perform the appointed tasks as an art dealer, such as preserving art works, making the art market stable, introducing art pieces of real value, supporting young artists, and so on. Believing that arts, which can add taste to our lives, will pl...

Tasuku Yanagida is a fabulous oil painter.   He studied oil painting in Paris. We will be introducing his marvelous art works -- portrait, still life and landscape paintings. We hope you enjoy our lovely exhibition. We are looking forward to welcoming you to view his wonderful paintings. (2018-2-5)

The exhibition of new works of AKIRA NAKAO lives in Augsburg Germany. The contents of this exhibition is about 40 pieces of oil paintings of landscapes the church and the streets in Augsburug, Berlin and each place of Germany and Tokyo Japan. His works is inimitable space portrayals centering around the structures with bright color and sharp lines, and with classical music. (2017-2-10)