We have started new voyage as Sansiao Gallery from February, 2016.Focusing on the contemporary art, especially focusing on pop art as a primer, we are introducing the arts not only which are accepted not only in Japan but in global basis by leveraging our 30 years experience.Based on the gallery space in Nihombashi, Tokyo, we continue to introduce art work to meet the world’s needs.

Real art with eternal value for you Gallery Suiha specializes in artworks of the early 20th century mastersincluding Picasso, Matisse and the artists of the School of Paris such as Chagall ,Foujita,Utrillo and Laurencin. In addition to these masters,Gallery Suiha has dealt in the works by their successors including Buffet,Casigneul and Brazilier. Recently the gallery has developed in its busine...

* Open on April 29th (Friday / holiday).* Charity bidding will be held until 16:00 on Saturday, 30th.   <Charity Auction 2022> Bid period: April 25 (Monday) 10:00 to April 30 (Saturday) 16:00 We will hold a bidding event for paintings, which has been well received every time.This is a unique opportunity to purchase the work you were interested in at the desired price.   <Gallery SUIHA ... (2022-3-1)

Sansiao Gallery had expertly introduced POP art since its inception at the time of founding. We are pleased to announce an exhibition “road to POP” that you can cover many keywords long walk to POP. [Artist: ANDY WARHOL, GEORGE BRAQUE, PABLO PICASSO, SALVADOR DALI, JASPER JOHNS, ROBERT RAUSCHENBERG, JONATHAN SELIGER, SYLVIE FLEURY] (2019-2-1)

The images of art works to be bid on for the Charity Auction event starts to be announced from today. You may see 7 art works, which are from Gallery SUIHA : 5 print works of Picasso, Fujita Tsuguharu, Nara Yoshitomo, Kusama Yayoi, Murakami Takashi KAKEI's Fine Japanese & Asian Art : Holland Dish with Peacock Design Tsutsumi Fine Arts : Brown glazed jar, Joseon dynasty https://www.tokyoarta... (2018-3-26)

[Auction period]1st term: April 16 - 21 (open bid on 21), 2nd term: April 23 - 28 (open bid on 28)   Picasso, Fujita, Nara, Kusama, Murakami Prints   Picasso, Lithograph, 1964Lowest bid: 160,000 yen  Fujita Tsuguharu, Lithograph, 1964Lowest bid: 260,000 yen Nara Yoshitomo, Silkscreen, 2001Lowest bid: 2,900,000 yen Kusama Yayoi, Silkscreen, 1984Lowest bid: 2,800,000 yenMurakami Takashi, Offset p... (2018-3-26)