Shiro Tsujimura's works will be on display, including a number of large jars, which were also exhibited at Art Fair Tokyo, as well as sake vessels and flower vases for everyday use, along with works by Yuichi Inoue. (2022-3-1)

50 selected bowls by the artist, Shiro Tsujimura himself. New works and old works from about 45 years ago. (2020-2-28)

Shiro Tsujimura’s “Flower Vessels and Sake Vessels” Various sizes from small to big in “Kohiki” Flower Vessels are assorted. For Sake Vessels line up includes new series “Kohiki”, also popular “Oribe”, “Iga”, and “Shigaraki”. Variety of different kinds of Sake Vessels suitable for whisky and Shochu. We hope you enjoy the works. (2018-2-15)

KAMIYA ART is pleased to present sakeware by the celebrated Japanese potter Shiro Tsujimura. (2017-3-11)