Antique, tea ceremony utensils and Raku chawan We deal with antiques and tea ceremony utensils in Gion, Kyoto. 

We have a great collections of black and red tea bowls, tea ceremony equipments of the Raku family from Chojiro the 1st, Joukei, Nonkau to Kichizaemon Raku the 15th.In the Momoyama period (the 16th century), the first Raku ware was made by Chojiro, the founder of Raku ware, after receiving orders from Se no Rikyu, Japan's most famous Tea Ceremony artist. Chojiro's unique skill of hand forming h...

Speaking of Mr. Naoto Yano, he is an up-and-coming artist among contemporary Karatsu-yaki artist, and has won many fans.The sincere approach to Karatsu-yaki appears in his works and fascinates people's hearts.After studying painting for 5 years in the United States, he became fascinated by the splendor of Karatsu-yaki for the first time after returning to Japan, and the hard study since then ha... (2020-10-3)

A very rare bowl with Mishima on the inside (prospect) and brush strokes (hakeme) on the outside. "One grain is twice delicious!", we say in Japanese. You can enjoy it twice as much from one bowl! I heard that the name of "Nitoku" came from the meaning of 'toku' (gaining profit twice)? In fact, it is said that the origin of Nitoku is the Mishima bowl, but it also has the charm of a 'Ido (Ko-ido... (2020-5-2)