The contemporary art exhibition "Art in Tokyo YNK" (Tokyo Inc. = Yaesu, Nihonbashi, Kyobashi) will be held at Tokyo Square Garden from November 11th (Thursday) to 30th (Tuesday). A new attempt to display young artists from the project "TOKYO CONTEMPORARY KYOBASHI" launched by two young gallery owners, "Shikisaisha" and "TOMOHIKO YOSHINO GALLERY", in the space of a large office building in Toky... (2021-11-2)

We are basically distributing them at the participating galleries. But you can also find them at: Tokyo Square Garden, Tokyo Chuo City Tourist Information Center in KYOBASHI EDOGRAND, Nihonbashi Tourism Information Center in Nihonbashi COREDO, Near by hotel, Near by Museums, Local Information pockets in Tokyo Metro Kyobashi station, Nihonbashi station, Mitsukoshi-mae station, on the Metro link ... (2019-4-3)

We are happy to announce the coming Tokyo Art & Antique of 2019 will be held from April 25 (thu) to 27 (sat). We have started recruiting galleries, and we are gathering ideas for next year's event.   Also, the ART & CRAFT MARKET has made a promotion video, which was held on the last day of Tokyo Art & Antiques of 2018. The overview of Tokyo Art & Antiques is introduced here very... (2018-9-14)

The 2018 Tokyo Art & Antiques Festival was held for 3 days in Nihonbashi and Kyobashi area early summer like weather.  This year, the participating galleries reached 89 galleries, which is 3 more than last year, and 52 galleries held exhibitions to welcome visitors. The number of visitors varied from gallery to gallery, but there were around 120 visitors a day at the most in some of the gal... (2018-6-5)

Tokyo Art & Antiques will set up an information booth on April 28. April 28 is the last day of Tokyo Art & Antiques event, and Aozora-Koten Tezukuriichi hosts an outdoor craft fair, called “ART & CRAFT MARKET at TOKYO SQUARE GARDEN,” in Kyobashi. There will be many handmade accessories and other unique items on display. Tokyo Art & Antiques booth will have the fair’s pamphlet an... (2018-4-13)