We, Nakacho Konishi, propose, with our own vision and conviction, a selection of artists representing modern/contemporary Japanese art that has uniquely developed with diversified artistic media, whose work we believe would remain authentic in the history of art for years to come. In 2023, we celebrated our 15th anniversary, and moved from Ginza 1-chome to Nihonbashi 3-chome.

This exhibition will feature tea ceremony vessels, including teacups, tea containers, and flower vases. The exhibition will include the latest teaware by Shiro Tsujimura, as well as teaware by Morihiro Hosokawa. In addition, Yuichi Inoue's works, hanging scrolls for the tokonoma, and calligraphy and paintings by various artists to be enjoyed with tea will also be introduced. (2023-2-25)

Shiro Tsujimura's works will be on display, including a number of large jars, which were also exhibited at Art Fair Tokyo, as well as sake vessels and flower vases for everyday use, along with works by Yuichi Inoue. (2022-3-1)

Artist:Yamaguchi Takeo / Fukami Sueharu / Okabe Mineo / Inoue Yuichi / Kamoda Shoji / Kakurezaki Ryuichi / Kawase Shinobu / Nakagawa Yukio etc. (2019-2-1)