Decorative metal fittings 3-5 BC bronze L-8cm .w-7cm (2020-5-2)

The prototype of the leather belt we are wearing today seems to have already existed in China during the Warring States period, and the mechanism is almost the same as it is today. However, it was much more fashionable and expensive than our belt, so of course only a handful of royal nobles could wear it. Moreover, it is believed that in China and Korea, it was considered that gold, silver, or ... (2020-5-2)

For the horse-shaped strap, attach one end of the leather belt to the round button-shaped protrusion on the back and fasten the other end of the belt (has a circular metal fitting been attached to it) to the crown hook protruding from the chest of the horse. The so-called buckle to use. Even with the same bronze band hook, the dragon shape is almost standard in China, which originated in the Se... (2020-4-25)