Since Sankeido Gallery began in 1871, we are concerned to ensure that sincerity and confidence remain our most important values. We have done our best to perform the appointed tasks as an art dealer, such as preserving art works, making the art market stable, introducing art pieces of real value, supporting young artists, and so on. Believing that arts, which can add taste to our lives, will pl...

(We are closed until May 6) We opened in Kyobashi in 1979. In addition to modern paintings, we also deal with prints. (Kiyoshi Saito, Tetsuro Komai, Niwako Tannami, etc.) Our shop is on the 3rd floor of a building with a long-established knife shop named Nishikan.

The Tokyo Art & Antique Committee has decided to cancel the Tokyo Art & Antique 2020 event due to the announcement of today's emergency declaration. We are very sorry, but we ask for your understanding. Also, we are very sorry for those who were looking forward to this event every year and those who have planned for the first time this year. We will look forward to more exciting project... (2020-4-7)

This exhibition will be postponed to 2021 May. We are currently exhibiting the "The Spring Excellent Painting Exhibition". This exhibition is postponed to Tatsuji Ohara has been painting oil paintings under the bright glaring sunlight of Spain, for 47years, using vivid colors. We will exhibit about 50 great works of oil, aqyla, pastel on paper, landscape with a focus on Iviza island, trees of o... (2020-2-28)

This exhibition is postponed. (schedule undecided)   Ki no Kai, Oil painting new works of 6 artists Group Exhibition. Inotsume Hikoichi, Oba Saisei, Tsukamoto Sou, Nabeshima Masakazu, Miura Akinori, Yuyama Toshihisa   During the Tokyo Art & Antiques, the artists will meet the work of Kaita at the exhibition. (2020-1-23)

This exhibition is canceled.   We will exhibit and sell still life paintings whose motifs are the foliate dishes in underglaze blue overgraze enamels in Min - Qing dynasty. These dishes are collected over 25 years at antique shops in Nihonbashi, Kyobashi and Minami-Aoyama. The collection is based on the catalogs of the special exhibition in Kyoto National Museum "Chinese ceramics preferred by J... (2020-1-22)