Our wish is to come across the beauty man has created, which is beyond the age or cultural difference. By introducing folk art, we have been exploring the meaning of beauty in our daily life, which modern people seems to be forgetting. Looking at the the artistic hand weaved cloths, which reflect a great deal of its culture, we hope to share the modesty and hardiness of people who live in their...

We will exhibit sculptures and masks of gods from Kyushu prefecture, figures (Dogu) from South America and Jomon, and beautiful textiles from many places. (2019-2-1)

11am to 6pm at Orient Occident, first floor. We will also be exhibiting Japanese Antiques at the second floor. (2019-2-1)

"Copts" refers to the people who became Christians in Egypt. The textiles produced during the prospered cultures between 3 to 12th century are called "copt textiles", designed with figures, animals, plants, and many other, which has become very popular in many countries. For this exhibition, I am exhibiting around 100 items of copt textiles and "zanketsu". I will be able to offer recommendation... (2018-2-5)

Before "EDO" period in Japan, Hokuriku and Touhoku region, it's very cold in winter but they could not wear the warm cloths or bedding except cool Linen fiber. Entering Edo period "KITAMAE ship" carry the warm cotton cloths from the South aria, Kyusyu or Shikoku region. These indigo dyed cloths warmed up north aria's people. And they care for these precious cloths, strengthen with splicing or e... (2018-2-5)