We collaborate with the stoneware artist, Hidehito Ito, on celadon works in an attempt to create the new value of ceramic, focusing on the fact that it can be aesthetically realized as a two-dimensional work while being a three-dimensional work.

In the process of the creation of this work, we followed the traditional methodology utilized in Oriental antique art, and we were most careful not to deviate from it. In other words, while the expression itself is unique to the 21st century, this work is in fact based on the classics.

The beauty of celadon encapsulates the enormous amount of time which took to realize it. Moreover, celadon has developed according to the principles of the nature and the human sensibility that is impressed by the beauty of celadon. By deliberately firing such material on a flat surface as a picturesque screen, we explored the beauty that is beyond the scope of celadon.

The aim is to express the sense of immersion in color in the abstract expressionism of the 20th century on a smaller screen, and to create something simple and beautiful without using linguistic information.