Published: 2018-6-5

2018 Tokyo Art & Antiques Event Review

The galleries participating has red flags as a symbol.
The galleries participating has red flags as a symbol.

The 2018 Tokyo Art & Antiques Festival was held for 3 days in Nihonbashi and Kyobashi area early summer like weather. 

This year, the participating galleries reached 89 galleries, which is 3 more than last year, and 52 galleries held exhibitions to welcome visitors. The number of visitors varied from gallery to gallery, but there were around 120 visitors a day at the most in some of the galleries (based on participating store questionnaire results). According to the visitor surveys, quite a few people were first time visitors. 

Since the event was held for 3 days, which it used to be, there seemed to be more visitors than last year.

On the 2nd day and 3rd day, the quite popular galllery talk was held at MAYUYAMA & CO.,LTD., by Mr. Tadashi Kawashima.  This year, Mr. Kawashima focused on "DOGU", meaning clay figures, which refers to "yong" in China and "haniwa" in Japan.  

On the 2nd evening, a talk event "My collection and study on Antique potteries" was held, spoken by Mr. Masaaki Arakawa.  He talked about his career at Idemitsu Museum where his first curation was an exhibition of "Itaya Hazan" and many other stories of his researches during this period.

Gallery talk
Gallery Talk by Tadashi Kawashima "DOGU-Clay Figures-"

View of the talk event
TAA Special Talk Event 2018

On the 3rd day, as our first time challenge, we set up an information booth at the event "ART & CRAFT MARKET at TOKYO SQUARE GARDEN ". Some galleries brought  their post cards and other original goods to sell as well. The booth was set up in a very noticeable place and we were able to talk to many people passing by.


View at the Handmade marche


Accessories, catalogues, postcards, potteries were sold by the galleries

Accessories, catalogues, postcards, potteries were sold by the galleries.

Another first time challenge for us was the "Audio Tour Guide" for the people passing by the galleries. 

Audio Tour guide information
At each gallery, the number referred to their audio guide number.


Many exhibitions were held during this 3 days and have shown their uniquness. 

Exhibition held (the list will be carried until around January 2019)

Yukiko Aoki Exhibition at Hayashida Gallery
Yukiko Aoki Exhibition at Hayashida Gallery


Workshop at Hayashida Gallery
Workshop at Hayashida Gallery



Collaboration of oriental antques and flower art by creator Norihiko Kamei at T.EDO INOUYE & SON oriental art NIHONBASHI.


Exhibition of antique Japanese cloth at ART SPACE MAYU


Exhibition of small vases and small frames at KAKEI


Art space Rashinban
A young artist, Shingo Horiguchi exhibition at Art space Rashinban


Matsumoto Shoeido
Materpieces of Japanese paintings at Matsumoto Shoeido


Gallery Hakudohtei
Young Japanese style painting artist, Kentaro Tajima exhibition at Gallery Hakudohtei 


Maesaka Seitendo
Every day use Koimari sale at Maesaka Seitendo always becomes crowded every year.


Maison de Neko
"Life on this planet" at Maison de Neko

Saito Shikodo
exhibition of scent boxes at Saito Shikodo.



We also put a lot of effort into our Charity Auction event. This was our 3rd year to hold the bidding. 9 galleries participated and the galleries prepared items that could be enjoyed by first time visitors or beginners. The Charity amount will be carried on this website as soon as all the galleries finish their donation.

Charity auction item at Kakei
Charity auction item at Kakei



Last but not least, we have restarted  interviews this year. This year we made videos and interviewed gallery owners and also artists.


Interviewing the artist
Interviewing the artist at SHIKISAISHA


Here are more interviews.


We are pleased for this year but are willing to make it better for visitors to enjoy more next year. Thank you for coming and hope to see you again next year.

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