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April 23 thu - October 31 sat

この度TAAでは、オンライン展覧会をはじめました。 オンライン展覧会はこちら  

Enjoyable Dish Exhibition

April 23 thu - April 25 sat

It is said that the great artist, Kitaoji Rosanjin, said "even the taste of tofu changes when the dish changes". We would like to invite you to the world of Blue & White, Ko Sometsuke, Koimari,...

[Canceled] Adorable Buddhist Art

KAKEI's Fine Japanese & Asian Art
April 22 wed - April 25 sat  12:00 - 18:00

This exhibition is canceled. The items that were planned to be exhibited will be shown on instagram etc.

Kokutani, Koimari, Jomon jar, Sueki, and others : Charity Auction

Kokutani Dish with Shell DesignMinimum bid price: 50,000yenKoimari Bowl with Rabbit Design古伊万里兎紋鉢Minimum bid price: 20,000yenHajiki...

[Canceled] Miyoko Takehara Solo Exhibition

Hayashida Gallery
April 20 mon - April 25 sat

This exhibition is canceled.   Miyako Takehara was born in Toyama prefecture in 1988.She graduated from Toyama University Art Cult...

[Postponed] Tatsuji Ohara Exhibition  -Light of Spain-

Gallery KANAI
April 18 sat - April 28 tue  Open every day during the exhibhition

This exhibition will be postponed to 2021 May. We are currently exhibiting the "The Spring Excellent Pain...

[postponed] Kosugi Houan, Tsuchida Bakusen and more : Charity Auction

Charity auction is canceled, but we will hold auction sale in future so    1. Kosugi Houan 37x35cm, scroll 2. Tsuchida Bakusen 44x54cm, ...

Yong and Miniature of Funerary Art

July 22 wed - July 28 tue

13:00 - 19:00 open every day during the exhibition Venue: Fu-sho   Yong and 'Mingqi’ are Chinese burial goods, or funerary ceramic art works, buried in a tomb / mound tomb so that the...

Shinoda Momoe Lithograph and others : Charity Auction

Toko Shinoda"whisper"  sumi ink paintings and prints Toko Shinoda"penetrate"  sumi ink paintings and prints

[Postponed 8/3-10] Kobata Kimiyo Japanese Style Painting, with a Tea Ceremony

This exhibition is postponed to 8/3 - 8/10.   This is an exhibition to enjoy a heartwarming painting and a tea ceremony with daily use u...

Tea Bowl exhibition III

April 23 thu - April 25 sat

Uno Shoten will be specially exhibiting ‘’Tea Bowl III’’. This exhibition introduces various tea-bowls, which have been selected from “Raku”, “Korai”, and Japanese tea bowls. We will also se...

[Postponed]  Hiroko Higuchi Solo Exhibition

Kawauso gallery
April 22 wed - April 26 sun  12:30~18:00

This exhibition is postponed. (schedule undecided)    Saturday closes at 7pm. Last day ends at 4pm.

Shiro Tsujimura, 50 Selected Bowls

Kami Ya Co., Ltd.
April 23 thu - May 7 thu  Mon - Sat 11:00-18:30, Close on Sunday

50 selected bowls by the artist, Shiro Tsujimura himself. New works and old works from about 45 years ago.

Exhibition of small creations

Gallery Ichibanboshi
April 14 tue - April 25 sat

Are you looking for a small artwork to fit your cozy space? if so, come visit our exhibition, we offer carefully selected small pieces from established Japanese artists, just for that purpose!

Enamel & Polychrome Wares —A Colorful World in Ceramic Art

INOUYE oriental art Ltd.
April 4 sat - April 26 sun  Closed on Sunday, except for 26th

   Enamel or Polychrome is one of the most sophisticated production techniques among ceramic and porcelain arts by which kiln-site directors and potters apply the colored over-glazes to decorate the porce...


April 17 fri - April 25 sat  *close on sunday

This exhibition is canceled.

[Postponed] White and Black

April 20 mon - April 25 sat

This exhibition is postponed. (schedule undecided)   In this encounter with antique art, we will exhibit with a focus on the color "whit...

[Postponed] Naoto Yano Karatsu Pottery Exhibition

This exhibition is postpned. (schedule undecided)