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April 28 thu - April 30 sat

We will hold a celadon exhibition as an exhibition commemorating the 3rd anniversary of OKUMA GALLERY. Longquan celadon, Yaozhou kiln, Jun ware, Koshi kiln, Goryeo celadon, etc. will be exhibited a...

”True Japanese Art Exhibition″―Meiji to the Showa period

<Artists who carry Japanese culture and continue to shine>We would like to introduce you to the artists of Japanese painting and Western painting who lived in the Meiji, Taisho, Showa, Heisei,...

Shiro Tsujimura / Yuichi Inoue Exhibition

Shiro Tsujimura's works will be on display, including a number of large jars, which were also exhibited at Art Fair Tokyo, as well as sake vessels and flower vases for everyday use, along with works by Yu...


gallery ichibanboshi
April 21 thu - April 30 sat  11:00-18:00 (Sat and Sun close at 17:00)

We are pleased to inform you that Gallery Ichibanboshi will hold Satoshi Mizobe solo exhibition “Fishes” from 21st – 30th April 2022. We would be grateful if you could enjoy characteristics of each fish, ...

Permanent painting exhibition

Shunpudo Gallery
April 28 thu - April 30 sat  Closed 4/29

The exhibition will focus on oil paintings and drawings (watercolors) by modern Western-style painters.   While you can see the movements of the artist's hands and trivial ideas that you can...

Francesco Scavullo

Sansiao Gallery
April 9 sat - April 30 sat

Francesco Scavullo has been shooting many celebrities and has published in many well-known magazines such as VOGUE, PLAYBOY and ROLLING STONES.On the other hand, in order to expand the field of fash...

Apocalypse of lacquer --Yuichiro Aida--

April 28 thu - May 5 thu, holiday

[Yuichiro Aida]   2001 Apprentice to Wajima Okuda Goemon ShotenThe beginning of the 2007 season. From the following year, he started making lacquer ware at Aizuwakamatsu. He works as h...

Utage: Modern Japanese Paintings

April 23 sat - May 1 sun  Open every day during the exhibhition

On Utage  Kashima Arts is proud to announce the launch of Utage, a series of special exhibitions to be held every spring. Catered to each occasion, these exhibitions will showcase the best o...


April 26 tue - April 30 sat  11:30-18:00

We will exhibit works that feel spring.

Buddhist relics rubbed copies

KAKEI's Fine Japanese & Asian Art
April 27 wed - April 30 sat  12:00 - 17:00

The Todaiji Daibutsu Renben has a precious line engraving from the Tenpyo era, and a bodhisattva listening to the preaching is drawn. We will exhibit and sell the rubbed copy of Buddhist relics, which are...

Time of fresh green

April 28 thu - April 30 sat

Works by artists who are active in painting and ceramic art.

Two Artists Exhibition - Wave Motion of Surface and Line - Michi Ogawa and Noriko Okuyama

Following on from last year's exhibition at Namiki Gallery, Michi Ogawa and I (Noriko Okuyama) will be holding a” Two-Person Exhibition”. We normally don’t decide how we do it, but our paintings se...

Ko-imari for everyday use 2022

We exhibit Koーimari for everyday use at a SALE price in our shop during the Tokyo Art & Antiques. This is the first time in 3 years!   *There ...

Imohei Ishiseki Exhibition

April 25 mon - April 30 sat

This exhibition was scheduled to be held in 2020 and was canceled due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Mr. Imohei Ishiseki was also waiting for the event, but he passed away in January of t...

120th anniversary of birth "Takeo Yamaguchi"

April 15 fri - April 30 sat  11:00-19:00 Closed on Sundays <Open on 29th (holiday)>

We will focus on oil paintings from the 1950s to the later years.

Toshihiro Matsumoto Exhibition-Painter's Eye, Collector's Eye-

Toshihiro Matsumoto is an artist and collector. He is painting an oil painting. He collects the first colored porcelain from the late Ming and Qing dynasties in China.He will exhibit still life pain...

古玩推荐 Wonder of Antiques

April 28 thu - May 19 thu  Open everyday during the exhibition

"Easy to understand and beautiful"From affordable prices to masterpieces. Enjoy art! Exhibition catalogs are distributed free of charge to visitors. With a bonus of mini chronology (Ch...

This is also the picture -Fontana , Keith Haring, etc-

Introducing abstract paintings and pop art that have been attracting attention in recent years.Scheduled for Fontana, Ellsworth Kelly, Soulages, Keith Haring

Best Raku Ware Exhibition 2022

Shimoi Art
April 1 fri - June 30 thu

In the Momoyama period (the 16th century), the first Raku ware was made by Chojiro, the founder of Raku ware, after receiving orders from Sen no Rikyu, Japan's most famous Tea Ceremony artist. Chojiro's u...

Fu-sho's Korean Ceramics

April 28 thu  postponed

Due to various circumstances, it will be postponed. From 5/5, we will post the works that were scheduled to be exhibited at the web exhibition....

Coptic textile

art kawasaki
April 28 thu - April 30 sat

Copt is a term used to describe the Christianized Egyptian people. During the 3rd and 12th centuries, the textile called Copt fissure is popular overseas as it covers a wide range of people, animals and p...

Tea Ceremony Utensil Baskets

April 27 wed - April 30 sat

This is the third "Tea Box Exhibition" at Tokyo & Art Antiques.Introducing small but attractive tools this year as well.

Secret inventory sale

Japanese Bamboo Baskets: Hanabako
April 28 thu - April 30 sat  Postponed

Exhibiting in all genres. You might even find some bargains.

Yuko Kitajima Japanese painting Exhibition -obsession-

Gallery Seek
April 28 thu - May 8 sun  11:00-18:00

Exhibitor: Yuko KitajimaArtist visit date: April 29th (Friday) and 30th (Saturday) 11: 00-16: 00 each day "Haegiwa" is the most particular work of Yuko Kitajima. The "beauty" of bijin-ga, the...

Metal Artworks of the next era 2022 -Naoki Sakai, Keiko Kume, Satoshi Mizushiro, Tsuyoshi Ueda-

April 25 mon - April 30 sat  11:00-18:00 during the exhibition

We will release and exhibit the latest works by four young maestri who will lead the next generation of metal craft art. Naoki Sakai: Forging, Keiko Kume: Engraving, Satoshi Mizushiro: Engraving, Tsuyoshi...

Ascension 2022 Japanese Art Group Exhibition

Sohei Iwata, Satoshi Kawamata, Tatsuhiro Suizu, Kohei Nagasawa 3 new works by each artist

Tea utensils exhibition,”Chanobi”

April 27 wed - April 30 sat

"Chanobi" is a tea ceremony information site operated by a tea utensils dealer. The site not only sells tea utensils online, but also provides useful information related to the tea ceremony.

Kaki (flower vase) Exhibition

Kobijyutsu Kyobashi
April 28 thu - April 30 sat

We are planning to exhibit items that can be used for vases.Saruto, Tokoname, Shigaraki, Bizen, Joseon white porcelain, Chinese celadon, etc.

Life on this planet 2022

April 27 wed - May 1 sun

"Life on this planet" is a joint exhibition by two galleries, "Mokkei" and "Maison de neko", with the theme of creatures on the earth. The contents of the exhibition are a collaboration between the world ...

Various Moons

Sakai Kyouseido
April 25 mon - April 30 sat  11:00 - 18:00

An exhibition with the theme of "Tsuki" by five artists who are active in the art world.   [Artists] Takashi Kanazawa, Ryu Kitazawa, Kei Sugiyama, Shinya Tamai, Kouki Tsujimoto

Exhibition of Kitaoji Rosanjin and Antique Art

Rokeian(Shibuya Kurodatoen)
April 18 mon - April 30 sat  *closed on 4/24

The art of Rosanjin has attracted so many people even after 60 years of his death. It is said that the number of his works reaches 300,000 items including pottery works, lacquer works, seal engraving, cal...

Solo Exhibition of Kanya Yamamoto

antique shop Wabisuke
April 28 thu - May 4 wed  11:00-18:00

Using the original soil of Karatsu, the stones of the Shirasu plateau are crushed by themselves to make glaze, giving it a unique texture.I would like you to see a work that is bold but also has a d...

Furoshiki Masterpieces and Small Art Exhibition

Hayashida Gallery
April 28 thu - April 30 sat  10:30-18:00

Did you know that there is a furoshiki that reproduces the world of the painter? This time, we will exhibit and sell the furoshiki of popular writers including the writer who received the Order of ...

Tea Bowl Exhibition IV

April 26 tue - April 30 sat  Open everyday during the exhibition (last day closes at 17:00)

Uno Shoten will hold "Tea Bowl Exhibition IV". We will exhibit various tea bowls such as Korai tea bowls and Koniyaki tea bowls, centering on Raku tea bowls. Please come and visit us at this opportunity.

Encounter with Antique Art -coordinates of familiar beauty-

This time, we will exhibit the work under the title of "Encounter with Antique Art -coordinates of familiar beauty-". There are many works that you can enjoy close to you, mainly Chinese and Korean art. W...

Amano Seichiku Calligraphy Exhibition

April 28 thu - April 30 sat  12:00 - 18:00 *last day ends at 17:00

I make my effort to arrange Buddhist art, antique ceramics, and antique works of art that colors people's life. At the same time, in the space in the back, I will hold an exhibition of Seichiku Ama...

kyoko kobayashi<br />- flap flap flap -

April 14 thu - April 26 tue  11:30 - 18:30 (Last day until 17:00) Closed on Sunday

After graduating from the Ceramics Department of Kyoto Seika University, she has been active as a painter. A mixture of classic and modern.A funny and fun vessel work.

Scandinavian Design and Painting Exhibition

Luca Scandinavia
April 28 thu - May 5 thu  12:00-19:00 closed on wednesday

The 20th century Scandinavian Design and Paintings collection.  Fine furniture designed by Hans J. Wegner, Ib Kofod Larsen and Danish cabinetmakers. And the painting by Axel Bentzen, Jeppe Vontillius and ...

Kurokawa Daisuke Glass Exhibition Ⅸ

April 16 sat - April 30 sat

We will hold the 9th solo exhibition by Daisuke Kurokawa, a blown glass artist.Works whose expression changes depending on the light, glassworks with a texture like pottery or lacquer…Mr. Kuro...

Relocation Memorial Exhibition 「Hakkendo Gallery has come to Kyobashi」

Hakkendo Gallery
April 28 thu - May 3 tue  11:00-19:00 Open every day during the exhibhition

HAKKENDO Gallery, which has been working with many artists since 2010, will hold a lively exhibition suitable for the Kyobashi relocation commemorative exhibition in order to make further progress with th...

Exhibition of Artist Kunitaro Suda and Artists who lived with

Kunitaro Suda's (1891-1961) works, painters who lived in that era, several oil paintings, and drawings will be exhibited.


April 28 thu - April 30 sat  11:00-17:00 Open every day during the exhibition

25th Anniversary Exhibition

Shibata Etsuko Gallery
April 21 thu - April 30 sat  12: 00-19: 00 Sunday-18: 00 Last day-17: 00

It has been 25 years since the opening on April 21, 1997. The signboard is the late Kojin Kudo. By giving the name "Etsuko Shibata Gallery", which cannot be escaped or hidden, we have set up a backwater c...

Bookplate Universe 2022

Maison de neko
April 28 thu - May 2 mon  12:00 - 17:00

* The schedule is subject to change depending on the situation.   [ Ex Libris Works Workshop Lecturer, Shiori Tanaka ] You can do it anytime from April 29th (Friday) to May 1st (Sunda...

Monster: Mayuno Kobayashi and Shoko Mihara

April 22 fri - April 30 sat  12:00-18:30 Closed on Sunday

Takumi's Ceramics / Lacquering / Wood Crafts Exhibition

We are exhibiting wonderful works from deceased artists to contemporary artists, mainly lacquering and ceramic art centered on Living National Treasure.

Chinese Ceramics Exhibition

April 28 thu - April 30 sat  11:00-18:00

We will exhibit and sell Chinese ceramics from the Stone Age to the end of the Ming Dynasty.

MASUO IKEDA ”Unknown Art”

April 15 fri - April 30 sat

A project to reaffirm the diverse talents of Masuo Ikeda (1934-97). Watercolors that make you feel the influence of Ei-Q, a sense of collage that designers envy, lithographs that quickly adopted CG, ceram...


April 28 thu - April 30 sat

Song Ceramics are one of the very popular Chinese ceramic genres among Japanese. They are known for simple and refined shape with monochromatic glaze, and because of their universality, they have b...

Spring Flowers, Shining Girl

Kawauso gallery
April 28 thu - April 30 sat

Introducing the works of flowers and maidens under the theme of a waka poem by Otomo no Yakamochi,"The garden is full of spring light. A girl standing under the reflecting bright light of the peach ...

Charity Auction and Gallery SUIHA Collections

Gallery SUIHA
April 25 mon - April 30 sat

* Open on April 29th (Friday / holiday).* Charity bidding will be held until 16:00 on Saturday, 30th.   <Charity Auction 2022>