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Tokyo Art & Antiques:
The Nihonbashi / Kyobashi Art Event

Tokyo Art & Antiques is one of the largest gallery-based art events in Japan. Our aim is to provide an opportunity for many people, regardless of their age, knowledge, or origin, to experience art and antiques firsthand and thereby become acquainted with the joys of art. We hold many events and exhibitions for visitors to enjoy. Visitors are welcomed, and it's free, no reservation is needed. Just drop by Kyobashi or Nihonbashi in Tokyo and visit the galleries.


Special Event

April 27 thu - April 29 sat

Charity bid will be held at the galleries bellow. Part of the profit will be donated to charity organizations.(Please ask the gallery which organization the gallery will donating.)  

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東京丸の内に昨年移転した三菱の二代社長岩﨑彌之助、四代小彌太父子のコレクションを蔵する美の殿堂、静嘉堂@ 丸の内。同館副館長、安村敏信先生を東京アートアンティークへお迎えし、繭山龍泉堂代表取締役川島公之氏との対談「もろもろ美術談義」を中央区の有形文化財である明治屋京橋ビルの7 階ホールにてスペシャ...

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Latest Information


The district of Nihonbashi / Kyobashi, in Tokyo's Chuo Ward, has been famous since the post-war era for its dealers in classical art, craft, nihon-ga painting, modern painting, sculpture, prints and so on. Now, the district boasts around 150 such unique specialist galleries, making it second only to Ginza as Tokyo's preeminent arts zone. Each participating gallery will create a wonderful opportunity for visitors to spend an early-summer evening strolling through the town, visiting galleries and searching out that special must-have antique or artwork.


In order to make it easier for as many people as possible to take advantage of the event, each gallery will endeavor in its own way to provide its visitors with a unique and unforgettable experience.


During the event there also will be a wide range of related programs, including talk sessions, each designed to enhance enjoyment of the event for a range of visitors – from experts and beginner-collectors to visitors from abroad.


In recent years there has been an increased level of interest in classical art, antiques and painting across a wide spectrum of age-groups in Japan. The number of art fans and collectors is on the rise. Nevertheless, chances to actually experience such art pieces directly are rare. Some people report interest in such items, but do not know how to go about building their own collections, while others find they have to work up courage just to enter the somewhat imposing environments of some art galleries and dealers.


The objective of "Tokyo Art & Antiques" is to provide an opportunity for many people, regardless of their age, knowledge or origin, to experience Japanese art and antiques firsthand and thereby become acquainted with the joys of collecting.


The “Tokyo Art & Antiques” is a certified project of “beyond 2020” program.  

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Brief details of each year

2010 74 galleries, Talk event (Yutaka Mino / Takashi Murakami / Tomio Koyama / Nameko Shinsan), Gallery tour (Kenta Oka, Judit Kawaguchi)
2011 67 galleries, Talk event (Akira Nako / Shino Ikenami), Live Ikebana event (Norio Takeuchi), Gallery talk (Mayuyama & Co., Ltd. / Shouun / HIRANO KOTOKEN), Artist workshop
2012 65 galleries, Live Ikebana event (Norio Takeuchi), Gallery talk (Mayuyama & Co., Ltd. / Shouun Oriental Art / T.EDO INOUYE & SON oriental art / GALERIE ETOILE / Gallery KOCHUKYO Co.Ltd.)
2013 70 galleries, Gallery tours, Gallery talk (Mayuyama & Co., Ltd. / SHIKISAISHA / GALERIE ETOILE), Live event (HANABAKO), Exhibitions (17 galleries)
2014 78 galleries, Gallery tour (Keisuke Aoyagi / Shinya Shirasu ), Gallery talk (Mayuyama & Co., Ltd.), Workshop (Gallery Awazu), Exhibitions (24 galleries)
2015 86 galleries, Gallery talk (Mayuyama & Co., Ltd. / WABP), Workshop (Gallery Awazu), Exhibitions (51 galleries)
2016 79 galleries,Talk Event (Ritsuko Yano / Sarah Sato), Gallery talk (Mayuyama & Co., Ltd. / Maruzen, Nihonbashi, 3rd Floor Gallery), Charity Auction, Exhibitions (48 galleries)
2017 86 galleries, Gallery talk (Mayuyama & Co., Ltd. / Maruzen, Nihonbashi, 3rd Floor Gallery / Shouun Oriental Art), Charity Auction, Exhibitions (55 galleries)
2018 89 galleries, Gallery talk (Mayuyama & Co., Ltd.), Talk Event (Guest speaker: Masaaki Arakawa, MC: Tadashi Kawashima), Charity Auction, Exhibitions (52 galleries)


Event Title Tokyo Art & Antiques
Dates and Time
During the galleries' open hour
Number of Participating Galleries will be announced around end of Jan 2023
Area The area centered on Nihonbashi and Kyobashi district in the Chuo Ward of Tokyo
Nearest Stations JR Yurakucho Sta., Tokyo Sta., Shin-Nihombashi Sta., Kodenmacho Sta.

Tokyo Metro
  Ginza Line Ginza Ichome Sta., Kyobashi Sta., Nihombashi Sta., Mitsukoshimae Sta.
  Yurakucho Line Ginza Ichome Sta., Yurakucho Sta.
  Tozai Line Nihombashi Sta.
  Hanzomon Line Mitsukoshimae Sta.
  Hibiya Line Kodenmacho Sta.

Toei Asakusa Line Takaracho Sta.
Addmission Fee Free
Some individual events may need participating fee.
Please check each event
Organizer The organizing committee of Tokyo Art & Antiques
Contact Please contact from the Contact form