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2022 April 28 thu - April 30 sat

We will hold a celadon exhibition as an exhibition commemorating the 3rd anniversary of OKUMA GALLERY. Longquan celadon, Yaozhou ...

Spring Flowers, Shining Girl

Kawauso gallery
2022 April 28 thu - April 30 sat

Introducing the works of flowers and maidens under the theme of a waka poem by Otomo no Yakamochi,"The garden is full of spring li...

Coptic textile

art kawasaki
2022 April 28 thu - April 30 sat

Copt is a term used to describe the Christianized Egyptian people. During the 3rd and 12th centuries, the textile called Copt fissure is...


2022 April 28 thu - April 30 sat

Song Ceramics are one of the very popular Chinese ceramic genres among Japanese. They are known for simple and refined shape with...

Time of fresh green

2022 April 28 thu - April 30 sat

Works by artists who are active in painting and ceramic art.

This is also the picture -Fontana , Keith Haring, etc-

Introducing abstract paintings and pop art that have been attracting attention in recent years.Scheduled for Fontana, Ellsworth Ke...

古玩推荐 Wonder of Antiques

2022 April 28 thu - May 19 thu

"Easy to understand and beautiful"From affordable prices to masterpieces. Enjoy art! Exhibition catalogs are distributed fr...

Apocalypse of lacquer --Yuichiro Aida--

2022 April 28 thu - May 5 thu

[Yuichiro Aida]   2001 Apprentice to Wajima Okuda Goemon ShotenThe beginning of the 2007 season. From the following ...

Secret inventory sale

Japanese Bamboo Baskets: Hanabako
2022 April 28 thu - April 30 sat

Exhibiting in all genres. You might even find some bargains.

Ko-imari for everyday use 2022

We exhibit Koーimari for everyday use at a SALE price in our shop during the Tokyo Art & Antique...

Permanent painting exhibition

Shunpudo Gallery
2022 April 28 thu - April 30 sat

The exhibition will focus on oil paintings and drawings (watercolors) by modern Western-style painters.   While you can se...

Relocation Memorial Exhibition 「Hakkendo Gallery has come to Kyobashi」

HAKKENDO Gallery, which has been working with many artists since 2010, will hold a lively exhibition suitable for the Kyobashi relocatio...

Kaki (flower vase) Exhibition

Kobijyutsu Kyobashi
2022 April 28 thu - April 30 sat

We are planning to exhibit items that can be used for vases.Saruto, Tokoname, Shigaraki, Bizen, Joseon white porcelain, Chinese ce...

Amano Seichiku Calligraphy Exhibition

2022 April 28 thu - April 30 sat

I make my effort to arrange Buddhist art, antique ceramics, and antique works of art that colors people's life. At the same time,...

Bookplate Universe 2022

Maison de neko
2022 April 28 thu - May 2 mon

* The schedule is subject to change depending on the situation.   [ Ex Libris Works Workshop Lecturer, Shiori Tanaka ]...

Fu-sho's Korean Ceramics

2022 April 28 thu

Due to various circumstances, it will be postponed. From 5/5, we will post ...

Shiro Tsujimura / Yuichi Inoue Exhibition

Kami Ya Co., Ltd.
2022 April 28 thu - May 31 tue

Shiro Tsujimura's works will be on display, including a number of large jars, which were also exhibited at Art Fair Tokyo, as well as sa...