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Published: 2019-4-27
Gallery talk at Maruzen Nihonbashi 3F Gallery
Gallery talk at Maruzen Nihonbashi 3F Gallery

Today will be our last day of Tokyo Art & Antiques.

Charity Auction at Sanciao Gallery


Charity Auction at Nanaya


We have prepared an original "Furoshiki" (a large cloth to wrap things) as a present for bidders.


As for our last day, we will attend the Art & Craft market as an information booth for Tokyo Art & Antiques.

We will also sell small works of artists.




Published: 2019-4-25

Tokyo Art & Antiques will start from today.

Yesterday, our collaboration event "LIFE WITH KOGEI" started at Nihonbashi Galleria Community Space.

The weather was chilly and rained a little, but some people after work stoped by to take a look.

The collaboration event will continue to 28th 8pm.

Mokkei and Maison de neko


Memorys Gallery Kei (from Matsumori Art)


Mind's Eye Magazine


Hale marche


From 5 pm, semi-order accessory started

Published: 2019-4-17

Tokyo Art & Antiques will hold a collaboration event "LIFE WITH KOGEI" with "Hale marche", a sister brand of "Art & Craft Market", from 4/24 to 4/28 at Nihonbashi Galleria Community Space. 

The Nihonbashi Galleria Community Space will be an information base as well as a workshop space and craft sale space of artists. 


Mokkei & Maison de neko Memorys Gallery Kei (from Matsumori Art) Monthly Magazine "Minds Eye" Seikatsu no Tomosha Hale marche Workshop Painting Original "Daruma" Semi-order Accessories

Dates: 4/24 to 4/28 (10:30am to 8:00pm)

Venue: Nihonbashi Galleria Community Space

Check at Google Map

*The Nihonbashi SC Annex is not yet ready on the google map. (as of 4/15/2019)

Related websites:

Hale marche

Download flyer


<Galleries participating from Tokyo Art & Antiques>

◇Mokkei & Maison de neko

Yasuko Yamaoka (print and painting), Arisa Oguro (wood sculpture), Yoshihiko Kinjyo (pottery), Hiromi Kinjyo (pottery), Kasaiya Sekiguchi Mayumi (metal works), Rieko Kawabata (Kutani pottery)

 More information about the artists (Japanese)>>



◇Memorys Gallery Kei(From Matsumori Art

Memorys Gallery Kei (External Link) 


Masako Inoue, Tetsuya Ohashi, Sonomi Kando, Daisuke Kurokawa, Shigeko Suzuki, Mika Noguchi, Yu Fujimoto, Masahiro Wadayama

More information about the artists (Japanese)>>



◇Monthly Antique Magazine "MINDS EYE" (Selling of Back numbers and books)


◇Seikatsu no Tomosha (Selling of Art related books)


<Hale marche Artists>

  • Yubinukido (Kaga Thimbles)
  • RUKO (embroidery)
  • phenyl (accessories)
  • Kawanonaka (glass art)
  • Hikoya Chiyokura  (Tsumami zaiku craft)
  • 2493 (ceramic accessories)
  • SOIGNE (accessories)
  • Esnes Nommoc (accessories)
  • KAISHIKI Studio (pottery)
  • ODD MASSIMO (ceramic interior)
  • MARCO (accessories)
  • n's wire art (wire accessories)
  • Chiam's Gallery (koginzashi embroidery)
  • Yukiusagi (silk thread / japanese accessories)
  • TUKIUSAGI (plastic accessories)



Workshop : Painting an original "Daruma" 11:00am to 4:00pm


Instructor: Japanese style painter Yukiko Aoki
Time: about 15min per person.
Fee: 500 yen.
Reservation: No reservation needed.


<Yukiko Aoki>

More information about the artist (japanese)>>


<Making a Semi order Accessories with the artist> 5:00pm to 8:00pm


Artist: Accessory artists ONIS,
Reservation:  reservation needed. 
reservation calendar
Time:  about 40 min per person.
fee: Fearing from 4,100 yen, kye ring from 2,500 yen (price will range depending on the parts selected).


Published: 2019-4-17
Information base at the Tokyo Square Garden (2018)
Information base at the Tokyo Square Garden (2018)








24日〜28日 日本橋ガレリアコミュニティスペース



Published: 2019-4-4

The images of art works to be bid on for the Charity Auction event starts to be announced.

Published: 2019-4-3

There was an error of Luca Scandinavia (no.5) on the Art Map.
(The download version PDF is corrected)
Please be careful when visiting.

errata: CLOSED 火曜休/Tue

correct: CLOSED 水曜休/Wed

Published: 2019-4-3

We are basically distributing them at the participating galleries.

But you can also find them at:

Tokyo Square Garden,

Tokyo Chuo City Tourist Information Center in KYOBASHI EDOGRAND,

Nihonbashi Tourism Information Center in Nihonbashi COREDO,

Near by hotel,

Near by Museums,

Local Information pockets in Tokyo Metro Kyobashi station, Nihonbashi station, Mitsukoshi-mae station,

on the Metro link Nihonbashi Free bus,

and more.

We cannot guarantee whether they still have stocks.

If you would like them to be sent to you, you can contact us from the contact page.

Please send us your name, address and the number you would like, and we will send it to you.

(domestic only)


Published: 2019-3-7
at Art Fair Tokyo 2019
at Art Fair Tokyo 2019

Tokyo Art & Antiques will start distributing the new pamphlet for 2019 at the "ART FAIR TOKYO 2019", from March 8 to 10.

However, the distribution at each galleries, in Kyobashi and Nihonbashi, will be ready around late march.

22 galleries will be participating at "ART FAIR TOKYO 2019".

Please come and enjoy the energy of art!

Published: 2018-9-14
Art & Craft PV image
Art & Craft PV image

We are happy to announce the coming Tokyo Art & Antique of 2019 will be held from April 25 (thu) to 27 (sat).

We have started recruiting galleries, and we are gathering ideas for next year's event.


Also, the ART & CRAFT MARKET has made a promotion video, which was held on the last day of Tokyo Art & Antiques of 2018.

The overview of Tokyo Art & Antiques is introduced here very well. Please check the video on YouTube.



The ART & CRAFT MARKET is held every month at the TOKYO SQUARE GARDEN in Kyobashi, Tokyo.

More information on ART & CRAFT MARKET@ TOKYO SQUARE GARDEN here

Published: 2018-6-22

We are pleased to announce the total amount of donation collected by the Charity auction event.

The sum of donation provided by the 10 galleries whom participated the Charity auction of 2018 Tokyo Art & Antiques was 167,300 yen.

We thank the visitors for participating the event and we are glad to be able to acomplish the charity donation.