Event Type : Charity Auction | 2019 Tokyo Art & Antiques

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Prints, Artist goods : Charity Auction

Sansiao Gallery
April 25 thu - April 27 sat

Mark Kostabi  "KISS" James Rizzi autograph and print with edition "LIFE IN THE BIG APPLE" + color pencils etc

All from 15,000 yen!: Charity Auction

April 25 thu - April 27 sat

All bidding starts from 15,000yen! *image:  Ikeda Masuo, 1985, Lithograph, 38.3×28.2cm, ed150Bidding starts from 15,000 (tax included), with frame.

Japanese Style Paintings : Charity Auction

kujaku gallery
April 25 thu - April 27 sat

Oyama Katashi, size 6 Ito Shinsui, "Rose", size 8 Kato Toichi, "Mt. Bandai", size 4 Matsuo Toshio, "Peony", size 10

Jomon jar, Sueki, and others : Charity Auction

April 25 thu - April 27 sat

Jomon period jarh7cmBidding starts from 25,000yen~  Gosu Sometsuke bowl with cow designMing dynastyh8.5cmBidding starts from 50,000yen~  Sueki jar...

Charity Auction

April 25 thu - April 27 sat

十一面観音懸仏 鎌倉時代 最低落札価格:70,000円