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Blue and Blue -Celadon and blue and white of Ming and Qing-

Our gallery will be exhibiting blue and white dishes from the Ming to Qing dynasty at a reasonable price during the Tokyo Art & Antique period. Dishes that are great to serve sweets and cuisine. We wi...

ANTIQUE IS MAGIC, The Invitation to Antiques

*open every day during the exhibition We will exhibit Japanese, Chinese and Korean antique ceramics with the collaboration with Norihiko Kamei's "avant-garde" flower arrangement. * Special C...

Life on this planet 2019 (Maison de neko)

Maison de neko
April 19 fri - April 27 sat  12:00 - 18:00

*closed on 4/24 (wed), last day closes at 16:00 "Life on this planet" is a joint exhibition by two different type of galleries, the antique Oriental art "MOKKEI" and the gallery "Maison de neko", w...


April 25 thu - April 27 sat

Artist:Yamaguchi Takeo / Fukami Sueharu / Okabe Mineo / Inoue Yuichi / Kamoda Shoji / Kakurezaki Ryuichi / Kawase Shinobu / Nakagawa Yukio etc.

The Horse Motif in the Artworks

April 25 thu - April 27 sat

Gallery Talk: 4/26 and 4/27 Both days start at 3pm. Admission free. The gallery will be crowded so please come early.

Fumi Yanagimoto Exhibition

Gallery MARI
April 18 thu - April 27 sat

A place where the story and warmth exist together The small art works of prints and pottery. Their atmosphere will give you a peace of mind in everyday life.

Tea Utensil Box Exhibition

April 25 thu - April 27 sat

When you open the little box, there you will find a small tea ceremony world. You can make green tea (matcha) anywhere you'd like. We would like to present those small fabulous tea ceremony ...


April 15 mon - April 27 sat  11:00 - 18:00 Open every day during the exhibition

Kanako Kiyomi Japanese painting Exhibition

The exhibition period is from April 22 (Monday) to 27 (Saturday). “Fresh green buds, refreshing wind bleaks” We asked for the theme of the soft winds. We will exhibit more than 10 new works ...

Art of “RED & BLACK” Shinichi Saito x Masuo Ikeda x Georges Rouault

April 15 mon - April 27 sat  Closed on Sunday

This is a special exhibition of collected works in "RED & BLACK" by 3 artists (Georges Rouault|Shinichi Saito|Masuo Ikeda).

Hyakusui Hirafuku Exhibition

Gallery Gunji Co.,Ltd
April 22 mon - April 27 sat

We will exhibit small works of Japanese style paintings, hanging scroll paintings of Hyakusui Hirafuku, an artist from Akita prefecture and a talented rival of Yokoyama Taikan.

Kokutani Ware Exhibition

April 25 thu - April 27 sat

Our gallery will exhibit about 10 selected Kokutani wares. Kokutani is one of the finest painted porcelain wares, that has fascinated collectors. Please enjoy the simple, powerful and yet delicate ...

Tukika Kitamura Exhibition "Mori no ohanashi"

I paint the whispers of small creatures. I would be pleased if you could visit. Tsukika Kitamura

Tea Bowl exhibition

Uno Shoten.co,ltd.
April 22 mon - April 27 sat

Uno Shoten will hold "Tea Bowl exhibition". We will exhibit various types of tea bowls, such as Korean, Raku and Japanese. We will also serve green tea, "matcha", at our tea room where you do not have to ...

From the Heian period to Modern Times

Matsumoto Shoeido Tokyo Office will hold "From the Heian period to Modern Times" exhibition. We have selected fine Japanese paintings of each era. Please feel and enjoy the history of Japane...

The Three days to Meet Saeki

April 25 thu - April 27 sat

We will exhibit "Cafe Restaurant" of Saeki Yuzo and works of 6 extant painters of "Kinokai". 

road to POP

Sansiao Gallery
April 6 sat - April 27 sat

Sansiao Gallery had expertly introduced POP art since its inception at the time of founding. We are pleased to announce an exhibition “road to POP” that you can cover many keywords long walk to POP.

Guy Dessapt Exhibition

Gallery SUIHA
April 15 mon - April 27 sat

Guy Dessapt, as a “Modern Impressionists” is highly prized by art connoisseurs worldwide.

Masks, Dogu and Figures of Gods

April 19 fri - April 27 sat

We will exhibit sculptures and masks of gods from Kyushu prefecture, figures (Dogu) from South America and Jomon, and beautiful textiles from many places.

Group Exhibition of Taira

Saihodo Gallery
April 15 mon - April 27 sat  *closed on sunday

Mamoru Kondo, the works by double image, Yuki Sori, the works centered on floral patterns, Kohei Nagasawa , the works based on overlooking scenes and roadside flowers, Shigemi Yasuhara the works by light ...

Along with Chyakago (tea ceremony basket)

April 25 thu - April 27 sat

So, let's have tea now. Where should we have them? At the living room? In the garden? During our vacation? Sitting below the cherry blossoms would be nice as well. If you have a "Chyakago", a baske...

Textile and Miniature of India and Persia

11am to 6pm at Orient Occident, first floor. We will also be exhibiting Japanese Antiques at the second floor.

Chinese Ceramics of Han dynasty

Uragami Sokyu-do Co.,Ltd.
April 25 thu - April 27 sat

The four hundred years of the Western Han and Eastern Han dynasties are the first golden age of Chinese ceramics. We exhibit dynamic and attractive ceramics of Han dynasty.

Enjoyable Glass Wares

antique shop Wabisuke
April 25 thu - April 28 sun

Beautifull antique glass art works from edo, meiji, to taisho period and Bohemian and Japanese traditional Kiriko works will be exhibited. Since the gallery owner loves "sake", we will especially focus on...

AFAMOK collection

Gallery Tomura
April 25 thu - April 27 sat

AFAMOK who lives in Tokyo loves Lowblow Art and Japanese contemporary art. We show the work of Fuko Ueda, Hikari Shimoda, Kazuki Takamatsu and Ozabu from his collection.

Encounter with antiques –the beauty of form-

Our gallery deals with Asian works of art. In this exhibition, we spread the charms of ancient pieces.

Toru Ichikawa solo Exhibition

April 16 tue - April 27 sat

Toru Ichikawa continues to develop ceramics works with its own style. Presenting a strong expression of assertion such as red and black, gold silver, kiln change etc. to the edged form. He continues to di...

Sake Ware Exhibition

April 25 thu - April 27 sat

We will hold an exhibition of Sake sets.We have a large selection of Sake sets made of glass or ceramics at affordable prices.Please visit us. We are waiting for you.

Solo Exhibition Rebecca Salter

April 9 tue - April 27 sat

After graduating from Bristol Technical University, Rebecca Salter began her artistic career as a pottery artist. She was fascinated by Japanese woodcut prints and paperwork techniques during her 6...

Best Raku Ware Exhibition 2019

Shimoi Art
April 25 thu - May 31 fri

We are offering best Raku wares of from Chojiro the 1st to Raku Kichizaemon the 15th and other beautiful tea utensils.

Enjoy Antique Ceramics and Porcelain X

Tsutsumi Fine Arts
April 25 thu - April 27 sat

This will be the 10th year to hold this exhibition during Tokyo Art & Antiques. I will exhibit rare potteries for this event.

Life on this planet 2019 (Mokkei)

April 19 fri - April 27 sat  12:00 - 18:00

*closed on 4/24 (wed), last day closes at 16:00 "Life on this planet" is a joint exhibition by two different type of galleries, the antique Oriental art "MOKKEI" and the gallery "Maison de neko", w...

Ko-imari for everyday use 2019

We exhibit Koーimari for everyday use at sale price in our shop during the Tokyo Art & Antiques. Don't miss this chance!

Kobata Kimiyo Japanese Style Painting, with a Tea Ceremony Taste "Wakakusa monogatari hen"

This is an exhibition to enjoy a heartwarming painting and a tea ceremony with daily use utensils.

The Art of JOMON and HANIWA

art kawasaki
April 25 thu - April 27 sat

Jomon wares and "Haniwa" has become very popular world wide. We will be exhibiting these art of the Jomon period. The sophisticated forms and design made over 1000 years ago matches the mode...


April 20 sat - May 6 mon

On our 30th anniversary year, our biannual sales exhibition BISAI comes back as “BISAI SEN”. The new catalogue will feature approximately 90 pieces of exclusive collection of Japanese Art. BISAI SEN catal...

Danish Furniture and Royal Copenhagen of 20th Century

We have selected old table wares of Royal Copenhagen and Danish furnitures from the mid 20th century. Please enjoy the elegant design of the good old days.

Artists of the Era -Showa and Heisei-

April 15 mon - April 27 sat  closed on 4/21

When the owner of MORITA GALLERY started the art buisness in 1993, there were still many artists that represented "the Showa" era. In May, our era name will change and the "Showa" and "Heisei" era ...

“The Japanese Art Exhibition” Exhibition of Japanese Artists -Lived in the Meiji to the Showa period

Holding an art exhibition of Japanese artists work from Meiji, Taisho and Showa period (1868〜1989). We wish you to visit our exhibition and take opportunity to feel traditional Japanese art works.

Shiro Tsujimura Pottery Exhibition

April 25 thu - April 27 sat

Sake wares and vases, small dishes of pottery artist, Shiro Tsujimura.

Small objects of the Ancient & Stone Rubbings Sale

April 25 thu - April 27 sat

Ancient art works, such as comma‐shaped beads, Luristan, small bronze Buddha, yong etc. Stone rubbing are from 2,000yen.

Bamboo Baskets - A Relaxing Moment in Contemporary Space -

Bamboo has been regarded as a sacred plant from the ancient time of Japan. They were used to decorate their houses for guests as well.  Hanabako have selected bamboo baskets that will produce a pea...

Primavera -The Goddesses of Spring- Junko Kuge, Nana Suzuki, and Masako Tadokoro Exhibition

Ginza Kawauso gallery
April 24 wed - April 28 sun  Last day close at 4pm

We introduce three female artists, expressing in their ways painted by acrylic gouache or oil.

Kawase Hasui Wood Block Print Exhibition

*Last day closes at 5pm Kawase Hasui is one of the last Ukiyo-e artist, who drew the nostalgic landscape of Japan. Recently, because of the popularity of the artist, it has become difficult to obta...

Ryota Yuki Solo Exhibition

Sakai Kyouseido
April 22 mon - April 28 sun

Sakai Kyouseido is pleased to present the exhibition of Ryota Yuki's traditional Japanese painting exhibition. This young artist has been presenting his works at In-ten. Please enjoy the artist's u...


Ebiya Art
April 22 mon - April 27 sat

We will introduce various antiques. More information will be fallowed at the website. We look forward to your visit!

Blue & White

April 25 thu - April 27 sat

We would like to invite you to the world of Blue & White, Ko Sometsuke, Ming Sometsuke, Koimari, and Joseon Sometsuke. At the same time, we will have our Koimari Sale.