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Earthenware Exhibition Japanese Earthenware from the JOMON to HEIAN periods

art kawasaki
April 24 mon - April 29 sat, holiday  Open until 7 p.m.

Japanese Earthenware from the JOMON to HEIAN Periods.

Exhibition of Deceased Western-style painters (mainly those born in the Meiji era)

"Exhibition of Deceased Western-style painters (mainly those born in the Meiji era)" http://www.t...

Winter Sake Ware Exhibition 2023

February 11 sat - February 26 sun

The first special exhibition in 2023 is the "Sake Cups Exhibition", which has been well received every time.This time, seven notable artists will make their first appearances in a project of our gal...

Ancient Textiles from Central Asia

Ancient Art Taiyo Ltd.
April 24 mon - April 29 sat, holiday

We shall exhibit ancient textiles of the Sasanian Dynasty Period and    the Liao Period with emphasis on those left behind by the Sogdian traders passing up and down the Silkroad.

 From the Heian period to the present

Matsumoto Shoeido will hold an exhibition "From the Heian period to the present day" at the Tokyo office. This time, we will exhibit one work from the Heian period to the present. Although the score is sm...

The Propagation of Buddhist Art II (Focusing on the Korean Peninsula) 

April 26 wed - April 30 sun, holiday  Preview on Tuesday, April 25 (reservation required)

Buddhism, which was born in India, traveled through the Silk Road to China and the Korean Peninsula to Japan. In the process of being transmitted, various "forms of prayer" have been born. I...

RODGALLERY Group Exhibition ROD Vol.1

April 7 fri - April 29 sat, holiday

We are pleased to announce the first group exhibition by Hikaru Narita, Yoshiki Hase, Ken Hamaguchi, and Tsugumi Fujita at ROD GALLERY. Please come and see the exhibition, which will give you a sen...


April 27 thu - April 29 sat, holiday

Approximately 30 Chinese ceramics, excellent for visual appreciation, will be displayed during the event period. They will be also introduced on our online gallery, “MAYUYAMA ONLINE COLLECTION” with some ...

Kaori Soutome Exhibition

Gallery Seek
April 25 tue - May 3 wed

Her work, which incorporates seasonal plants into a single piece of art, is a work that only Mayume, who grew up surrounded by many plants and flowers since her childhood, could have created. Although it ...

Recommendation for antiquities GOOD MOOD ANTIQUES

April 27 thu - May 19 fri  11:00~18:00(Open every day during the exhibhition )

"Easy to understand and beautiful" From affordable prices to masterpieces. Enjoy art! Exhibition catalogs are distributed free of charge to visitors. With a bo...

Permanent exhibition of drawings and Western paintings

Shunpudo Gallery will exhibit oil paintings and drawings. The oil paintings will be mainly by deceased artists, and the drawings will include small works by famous artists. We hope that duri...

Song Ceramics

April 27 thu - April 29 sat, holiday

We will hold exhibition of works from the Song Dynasty. We offer many works representing the Song Dynasty such as Ding ware, Yaozhou ware, Jun ware, Longquan, and Jingdezhen. We hope that you will enjoy t...

Exhibition of Excellent Paintings

kujaku gallery
April 24 mon - April 29 sat, holiday

A collection of unique modern and contemporary Japanese and Western-style paintings. Please take this opportunity to view these works by artists you may have heard of before. Exhibiting Arti...

spring 2

April 27 thu - April 29 sat, holiday

This exhibition will focus on works that evoke a pleasant springtime feeling. Artist:ASANO Yae , YOKOMIZO Miyuki , INAOKA Sachiko ,  OGAWA Mariko , SUZUKI Atsuo , WADA Naosuke , KASHIWAGI Etsuko

Japanese art

Kobijyutsu Kyobashi
April 27 thu - April 30 sun

Ⅰ will exhibit Japanese art such as Japanese ceramics and maki-e.

-Wearing the Ancient Orient- Jewelry Exhibition

Gallery MARI
April 22 sat - April 29 sat, holiday  Open every day during the exhibhition

“Collection Box” An exhibition that mixes Japanese  contemporary art , antiques , and modern art

April 15 sat - April 29 sat, holiday  Closed on Monday & Tuesday

Hidetaka Furukawa, who is known for his work that mixes the Edo and Tokyo, will be the main exhibition along with Hokusai's Drawing and RyuseiKishida woodcut prints. G.Rouault, A.Warhol, Shinichi S...

Jiro Yonezawa Exhibition

Japanese Bamboo Baskets: Hanabako
April 27 thu - April 29 sat, holiday  12:00 - 18:00 Open every day during the exhibhition

After all it is Karatsu!

antique shop Wabisuke
April 27 thu - May 3 wed, holiday

There are various types of sake cups, such as Kobiki of the Joseon dynasty, Mishima, Shino of Mino, Kizeto, and Oribe, but after using it for many years, I am strangely convinced that Karatsu is the one. ...

Koji Hatakeyama:Paper Knife and…

April 24 mon - April 29 sat, holiday  Open every day during the exhibhition /11:00-18:00

Koji Hatakeyama (born in 1956) is a contemporary metal artist. In the fall of 2022, the first full-scale retrospective exhibition will be held at the Hiromi Kikuchi Memorial Museum of Wisdom, and expectat...

Shojokakai 2023 Japanese Painting Exhibition

Sohei Iwata Satoshi Kawamata Tatsuhiro Suizu Kohei Nagasawa New works 3 pieces each

Ceramics from the Warring States period

This exhibition features pottery from the Warring States period in China (475 B.C. - 221 B.C.), more than 2,000 years ago. The sharpness of the vessel forms is remarkable.

Ko-imari for everyday use 2023

We exhibit Koーimari for everyday use at a SALE price in our shop during the Tokyo Art & Antiques. This is the first time in 3 years!   *There ...


Sansiao Gallery
April 8 sat - April 29 sat, holiday  Sundays, months, and holidays

As the market for photographic works is gradually expanding in Japan these days, we focused on PORTRAIT works, had PHOTOGRAPHERs create their works, and planned to have a collaborative exhibition with POR...

Once in a lifetime ~"KIKU" From Andy Warhol~

Andy Warhol recently held a major retrospective exhibition in Kyoto. The KIKU series he created as if to show his affinity for Japan during his lifetime This time, we will introduce all thre...

T Sato Solo Exhibition

Hakkendo Gallery
April 22 sat - April 30 sun

Sato T, a popular artist who draws from a sharp point of view the disturbing air, the sense of incongruity, and the mysterious that lurk in everyday life. Hakkendo Gallery is pleased to announce the secon...

Toshihiro Matsumoto Exhibition ver.2 ~Painter's Eye, Collector's Eye~ Late Ming Qing's First Five-Colored Porcelain Tianqi Red Painting, Nanjing Red Painting, Kangxi Five-Colored Porcelain Collection

About 1600 to 1800 This is an exhibition of oil paintings based on ceramics from the Ming and Qing dynasties in China. *We also have actual pottery on display.

Exhibition of Kitaoji Rosanjin

Rokeian(Shibuya Kurodatoen)
April 17 mon - April 29 sat  Closed on Sunday, April 23

In 1919, KITAOHJI Rosanjin founded Taigado Art Gallery of Antiques. Taiga means well-behaved and elegant, and named after Ikeno Taiga, Japanese Calligrapher and painter, whose alias is Taigado. In 2003, w...

 small exhibition

Sankeido Ltd.
April 27 thu - April 29 sat, holiday

This is an exhibition of small works of modern Japanese paintings and oil paintings. We would like to introduce some small but attractive works.

Bird Exquisite Technique - Focusing on Watanabe Shotei -

Featuring works by Watanabe Seitei, the lone painter who fascinated Western audiences, our upcoming “Birds and Flowers -Watanabe Seitei & Other Virtuosos-” exhibition will present and offer works by t...

50 Years of Appreciating Ceramics at Inoue Oriental Art GINZA

It has been 50 years since we started as an antique art dealer, and we have added the works we have introduced in the past.In addition, carefully selected works that should be preserved for the next...

Teacup Exhibition V.

Uno Shoten.co,ltd.
April 25 tue - April 29 sat, holiday  Open every day during the exhibhition

Kurokawa Daisuke Glass Exhibition Ⅸ

April 15 sat - April 29 sat, holiday

This year marks the 10th solo exhibition of blown glass artist Daisuke Kurokawa. The expression that changes with the light, the mysterious expression that reminds us of the surface of celestial bo...

Diffusion of Buddhist Art II (Focusing on the Korean Peninsula)

Buddhism, born in India, was introduced to Japan via China and the Korean peninsula. This exhibition traces the diversity of beliefs that developed uniquely in the countries along the way, with a p...

Life on this planet 2023

Maison de neko
April 12 wed  12:30-18:00 Ends at 17:00 on the last day/16th (Sun) 26th (Wed) holiday

"Life on this planet" is a joint exhibition by two stores, the antique art "Kiden" and the gallery "Maison de Neko", with the theme of creatures on earth. It is a competition between antique art, mainly C...

Tea vessels and calligraphy and painting

This exhibition will feature tea ceremony vessels, including teacups, tea containers, and flower vases. The exhibition will include the latest teaware by Shiro Tsujimura, as well as teaware by Morihiro Ho...