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Matsumoto Toshihiro Painting exhibition~Fruits on a dish in Ming-Qing dinasty17th~

We will exhibit and sell still life paintings whose motifs are the foliate dishes in underglaze blue overgraze enamels in Min - Qing dynasty. These dishes are collected over 25 years at antique shops in N...

Kyoko Kobayashi Exhibition

April 16 thu - April 28 tue

After graduating from art school, she is a unique woman who walks the path of a painter. She always draw classic classical paintings, but she also want to draw her own picture, a young person living in mo...

Enjoyable Dish Exhibition

April 23 thu - April 25 sat

It is said that the great artist, Kitaoji Rosanjin, said "even the taste of tofu changes when the dish changes". We would like to invite you to the world of Blue & White, Ko Sometsuke, Koimari,...

Kobata Kimiyo Japanese Style Painting, with a Tea Ceremony

This is an exhibition to enjoy a heartwarming painting and a tea ceremony with daily use utensils. We will also have tea ceremony during the exhibition. (reservation required, admission free)

23rd Ki no Kai Three days to meet Kaita

April 13 mon - April 25 sat  Open every day during the exhibition

Ki no Kai, Oil painting new works of 6 artists Group Exhibition. Inotsume Hikoichi, Oba Saisei, Tsukamoto Sou, Nabeshima Masakazu, Miura Akinori, Yuyama Toshihisa   During the Tokyo A...

“The Japanese Art Exhibition” Exhibition of Japanese Artists -Lived in the Meiji to the Showa period

Holding an art exhibition of Japanese artists work from Meiji, Taisho and Showa period (1868〜1989). We wish you to visit our exhibition and take opportunity to feel traditional Japanese art works.

Best Raku Ware Exhibition 2020

Shimoi Art
April 23 thu - May 31 sun

We are offering best Raku wares of from Chojiro the 1st to Raku Kichizaemon the 15th and other beautiful tea utensils.

Masanori Maeda solo Exhibition 「round and round」

Maeda Masanori's new series of work is based on the word of Zen “Kouunryusui” (being like floating clouds or running water, without shape,  untethered, letting things be). Maeda uses the technique of Japa...

Tatsuji Ohara Exhibition  -Light of Spain-

Gallery KANAI
April 18 sat - April 28 tue  Open every day during the exhibhition

Tatsuji Ohara has been painting oil paintings under the bright glaring sunlight of Spain, for 47years, using vivid colors. We will exhibit about 50 great works of oil, aqyla, pastel on paper, lands...

Hyakusui Hirafuku Exhibition

Gallery Gunji Co.,Ltd
April 20 mon - April 25 sat  Last day ends at 4pm

We will exhibit small works of Japanese style paintings, hanging scroll paintings of Hyakusui Hirafuku, an artist from Akita prefecture and a talented rival of Yokoyama Taikan.

Life on this planet 2020 (MOKKEI)

"Life on this planet" is a joint exhibition by two different type of galleries, the antique Oriental art "MOKKEI" and the gallery "Maison de neko", with the themes of living things on the planet. Changes ...

Art of Jomon

April 23 thu - April 28 tue

Exhibition and Sale of Jomon pottery, stone tools and Dogu.

Ko-imari for everyday use 2020

We exhibit Koーimari for everyday use at sale price in our shop during the Tokyo Art & Antiques. Don't miss this chance!

Tea Bowl exhibition III

Uno Shoten.co,ltd.
April 23 thu - April 25 sat

Uno Shoten will be specially exhibiting ‘’Tea Bowl III’’. This exhibition introduces various tea-bowls, which have been selected from “Raku”, “Korai”, and Japanese tea bowls. We will also se...

Miniature of Funerary Art

April 22 wed - April 26 sun

'Mingqi’ are Chinese burial goods, or funerary ceramic art works, buried in a tomb / mound tomb so that the dead will be able to live the same life in the afterlife. Most are miniature, except for ...

Enamel & Polychrome Wares —A Colorful World in Ceramic Art

INOUYE oriental art Ltd.
April 4 sat - April 26 sun  Closed on Sunday, except for 26th

   Enamel or Polychrome is one of the most sophisticated production techniques among ceramic and porcelain arts by which kiln-site directors and potters apply the colored over-glazes to decorate the porce...

Asuka Ito Solo Exhibition

Sansiao Gallery
April 4 sat - April 25 sat  Closed on Sun, Mon, National Holiday

  "BEST FRIEND" will be held at the same time.

Attractive Ceramics of Cizhou Kiln

Approximately 100 years ago, a ceramic pottery was found in the Choshu kiln in the town of "Chuka" in southern Hebei. Many people were fascinated by the vibrant, free and clear patterns and powerful model...

KINO Satoshi  Exhibition

April 20 mon - April 25 sat  Venue: KOCHUKYO CO.,LTD 3F

*This exhibition will be held at KOCHUKYO CO.,LTD open every day during...

Picturesque Plates

art kawasaki
April 23 thu - April 25 sat

A collection of Colored painted dish plates of Early Imari, Seto, Kosometsuke from various countries, such as Japan, France and Persia. Plates that will decorate and color the space as an ornament or for ...

Hidetaka, FURUKAWA exhibition 'Walking to search Tokyo for the lost Edo'

April 20 mon - May 2 sat  Closed on Sunday and Holiday

Furukawa is the artist, who in charged texts and illustrations of the “Walking to search Tokyo for the lost Edo” in the “monthly NIHOMBASHI” for two and half years. The show will be first occasion to chec...

Studies on Chinese Ceramics presented by Mayuyama & Co., Ltd.

Chinese ceramics are eternal and long, as in their history. The various nations were unified when they prospered and sometimes divided, but the production of porcelain did not stop. Why? And what is the e...

Rosanjin and Antique Art

Shibuya kurodatoen/Rokeian
April 13 mon - April 25 sat  closed on 4/19 (sun)

The art of Rosanjin has attracted so many people even after 60 years of his death. It is said that the number of his works reaches 300,000 items including pottery works, lacquer works, seal engraving, cal...


April 22 wed - April 25 sat  11:00-18:00 Open every day during the exhibition


April 23 thu - May 10 sun  Open every day during the exhibition

“Beauty and Wonder”. Property from some Japanese Private collections. Selected of Asian Art Exhibition.   Kamei Norihiko


Sansiao Gallery
April 4 sat - April 25 sat  Closed on Sun, Mon, National Holiday

Artwork featuring animals, humans` best friends. When you walk into the gallery and look at the artwork on the wall, you will find a smile on your face. This exhibition is just like that.   ...

KOGEI tradition and contemporary

April 23 thu - April 25 sat

Matsumori Art is a gallery specialize in glass and ceramic works from late and contemporary Japanese artists. The gallery has a wide collection of works which spans from notable periods and contemporary w...

Douts Exhibition

Gallery SUIHA
April 13 mon - April 25 sat  Closed on 4/19 (sun)

Ndoye Douts is a popular modern artist born in 1973 in Senegal, Africa. Gallery SUIHA is proud to display his paintings for the first time in Japan.

Miyoko Takehara Solo Exhibition

Miyako Takehara was born in Toyama prefecture in 1988.She graduated from Toyama University Art Culture department in Toyama and Musashino Art University in Tokyo.Miyako Takehara who has won th...


April 23 thu - April 25 sat

We will display Chinese ceramics and ancient Greek art.

Exhibition for Danish design from 20th century

We have beautiful Danish furniture collection was designed by Hans J. Wegner, Borge Mogensen, Finn Juhl, Ole Wansher, Jacob Kjaer, Poul Henningsen and so on. Please enjoy excellent Danish furniture and cr...

Masayoshi Nakamura Exhibition --Faces-- From a Private Collection

AM11:30 - PM6:30 (Last day will close at 5 PM).

White and Black

April 20 mon - April 25 sat

In this encounter with antique art, we will exhibit with a focus on the color "white and black".Although it is a color called monotone, its color varies depending on the work and it never gets tired...

Shiro Tsujimura, 50 Selected Bowls

Kami Ya Co., Ltd.
April 23 thu - May 7 thu  Mon - Sat 11:00-18:30, Close on Sunday

50 selected bowls by the artist, Shiro Tsujimura himself. New works and old works from about 45 years ago.

Hiroko Higuchi Solo Exhibition

Kawauso gallery
April 22 wed - April 26 sun  12:30~18:00

Saturday closes at 7pm. Last day ends at 4pm.

Exhibition of small creations

Are you looking for a small artwork to fit your cozy space? if so, come visit our exhibition, we offer carefully selected small pieces from established Japanese artists, just for that purpose!

Life on this planet 2020 (Maison de neko)

"Life on this planet" is a joint exhibition by two different type of galleries, the antique Oriental art "MOKKEI" and the gallery "Maison de neko", with the themes of living things on the planet. Changes ...