Hans Innemee is a Dutch artist whose artworks have been featured in the newspapers and art magazines as a new type of contemporary art and gained a lot of attention in mainly Europe. His artworks are created by his unique method called Mulberry Paper Transfer Process. Combined with his own composition derived from abstract art, the charm of his works lies in the mixed description of the familia... (2018-2-5)

View of event at Maruzen, Nihonbashi, 3rd Floor Gallery Although it was a little bit rainy on the first day of the 2016 Tokyo Art & Antiques, the weather was good on the following two days. The number of visitors varied from gallery to gallery, but there were around 250 visitors a day at the most in some of the galleries (based on participating store questionnaire results). According to th... (2016-5-10)

On the first day of our event, 14th, Tokyo Art & Antiques was broadcasted on the evening news called "Shutoken Network" on NHK and TOKYO MX NEWS. We will give out detail on the event report. (2016-4-15)