Kashima Arts entrance view

Kashima Arts gallery view 1st Floor

Kashima Arts Tea ceremony room

Kashima Arts gallery view 2nd Floor

 The beauty of art has always captivated our hearts.
We, Kashima Arts, is continuously seek to contribute to the development of art through nourishment of the two “eyes” called Shinbigan; 真美眼(an eye to see the true beauty) and 審美眼(an eye to see the true value) . What these “eyes” look into is all the beauty from east and west, ranging from traditional Japanese art to up-and-coming contemporary artists.

In our gallery, we propose innovative ways to enjoy the traditional Japanese arts through various presentations. On the first floor, the modern decor presents the new ways to display the Japanese art, and the more classic ways in the second floor where you can enjoy the Japanese interior setting.

We hold several exciting events throughout the year, the most notable being our biannual Japanese art sales exhibition “BISAI”, followed by the open bidding auction “Nyusatsukai” where seller an buyer meets. We also host other exhibitions, and making effort to bring the artists who is hidden in the shadow in the course of Japanese art history.

Come and experience our gallery.