Joseon Dynasty "Nitoku" Mishima Bowl

A very rare bowl with Mishima on the inside (prospect) and brush strokes (hakeme) on the outside. "One grain is twice delicious!", we say in Japanese. You can enjoy it twice as much from one bowl! I heard that the name of "Nitoku" came from the meaning of 'toku' (gaining profit twice)? In fact, it is said that the origin of Nitoku is the Mishima bowl, but it also has the charm of a 'Ido (Ko-ido) bowl. When I looked it up again, it seems that the name "Nitoku Mishima" comes from the name of the owner, Nitokubou.

Well, anyway, what a refreshing pottery this refreshing bowl is! The taste is also Joseon Dynasty, but this pure and clean appearance is also Joseon Dynasty.

Then there is the bottom which has a crisp look like a bamboo the bottom (kodai). It has a depth that can be used as a flat bowl for tea ceremony, and you can use it with confidence because it is a piece that will not become a dirty as it ages because of the great firing.

◆ Early Joseon Dynasty. Diameter: 14,4 cm, height: 4,5 cm. No 'Shifuku'.
The repair is fine and there are two good kintsugi (gold repairs). There is a "Fujibo" inscription on the back of the cover, which seems to be the former owner, but it is unknown.

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