Ryohei Matsumoto "Cat in 'Shuto Gunjaku-zu(Autumn Millet and Sparrows)'"

Size: SM
Material: acrylic, board

A unique artist who studied at the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering in Waseda University. While conscious of life sciences that he was interested in and majored in graduate school, he create works that symbolize modern society with story drawings in which creatures strangely intertwined. He is a highly anticipated artist who won the Showa Kai Award at the 54th Showa Kai Exhibition sponsored by Nichido Gallery in 2019 and the Endo Akiko Award at the 12th World Painting Awards in 2016. Since 2018, he has expanded his range of activities not only in Japan but also internationally, such as exhibiting at art fairs in South Korea, Taipei, Malaysia and Paris. This work is based on Jakuchu Ito's "Autumn Gunjaku-zu" and the cat that appears is his cat.


Artist's website: https://rmatsumoto1.wixsite.com/matsumoto-ryohei

Reference price: 70,000yen


Saeki bldg. 2F, 1-6-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0031 Japan
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12:30 - 19:00 (During TAA period 12:00 - 18:00) *Sunday and last day of exhibition closes at 17:00 Wednesday, Thursday (Altered depending on the event)