Senjin Gokura「Ringo」

Picture size 51 × 43  Whole hanging scroll 66 × 138 cm

"Hahacho Bird " It is a lucky bird and auspicious Birds are birds that live in eastern Asia and southern China, and are one of the most popular pictures in the ink and flower bird chart as auspicious birds.

Senjin Gokura 
March 3, 1892-October 25, 1975 Japanese painter, member of the Japan Art Academy.
Born in Toyama Prefecture. 1915 Graduated from Tokyo College of Art, Department of Japanese Painting, moved to the United States in 1916, received the Japan Art Academy Award in 1922, continued to exhibit at the Japan Art Academy member in 1924, Japan Exhibition, 1934 Imperial Art School Japanese Painting Professor, 1936 Tama Art Professor of Japanese painting at school, Jury of Japan Exhibition in 1949, Professor of Tama Art University in 1956, Councilor of Japan Academy of Art in 1958, Award of Japan Academy of Arts in 1960, Commendation of the Order of the Order of the Rising Sun, Sunshine Day, 1971, Japan Art in 1972 Institution member. After the death, it was added to the third-class Rui Hosho.

Reference price: 250,000yen


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