Published: 2018-9-14

Announcement of event dates for 2019 & promotion video by ART & CRAFT MARKET

Art & Craft PV image
Art & Craft PV image

We are happy to announce the coming Tokyo Art & Antique of 2019 will be held from April 25 (thu) to 27 (sat).

We have started recruiting galleries, and we are gathering ideas for next year's event.


Also, the ART & CRAFT MARKET has made a promotion video, which was held on the last day of Tokyo Art & Antiques of 2018.

The overview of Tokyo Art & Antiques is introduced here very well. Please check the video on YouTube.



The ART & CRAFT MARKET is held every month at the TOKYO SQUARE GARDEN in Kyobashi, Tokyo.

More information on ART & CRAFT MARKET@ TOKYO SQUARE GARDEN here