[Important] Cancelation and postponements of exhibitions and events (updated 4/6)

We will be canceling and postponing some events and exhibitions that fallows.

We do not ask you to come to our event in this situation.
The galleries will still be here and will welcome you any time after the virus is settled and it is safe for everyone.



● P.3, P.12  All events at Galleria Community Space
(Concerge desk, sale of Hakuji Saika, Talk event by Ms. Yumiko Sato)

● P.4, 5, 60 Workshop "Sewing up a silk cloth, Fukusa and Wallet"  -- Kishu edo-shifuku

● P.4, 5, 32  Gallery Talk "How to enjoy Chinese Ceramics"  -- MAYUYAMA CO., LTD.



● P.47  "Taiaki Yano -good news-"  -- Gallery MARI (schedule undecided)

● P.52  "KINO Satoshi Exhibition"  -- Gallery Kochukyo (schedule undecided)

● P.63  "Special Triennial Tobi Art Fair 2020" (Advertisement)(schedule undecided)

< updated 4/1 >

● P.25  "Masayoshi Nakamura Exhibition --Faces-- From a Private Collection"  -- MORITA GALLERY (schedule undecided)

< updated 4/2 >

● P.53  "Okumura Togyu Drawings 2020"  -- SHIKOU GALLERY (schedule undecided)

< updated 4/2 >

● P.9  青花の会 骨董祭 (Seika no Kai)

< updated 4/6 >
● P.59 "Kei Katou Exhibition" --GALLERY SYUUZANDOU



< updated 4/2 >

【Museum exhibition information】(P.64, 65)

●  "The Esthetics of Cha no Yu" Idemitsu Museum of Arts  <Cancelled>

●   "Discovering the Arts & Culture of the Olympic Games"  Mitsui Memorial Museum <suspended>
    *In line with the postponement of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, exhibition is suspended until further notice.

●   "Dreamed childhoods Bonnard, the Nabis and childhood"  Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum, Tokyo <temporarily closed until further notice>

●  "Kanda Nissho : A Retrospective"  Tokyo Station Gallery <temporarily closed until further notice>

< updated 4/6 >
● 3 exhibitions starting from 4/18 <openning postponed and temporarily closed until further notice>

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