Tokyo Art & Antiques 2017 Charity Auction Special Events

Tokyo Art & Antiques 2017 Charity Auction

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Charity bid will be held at the galleries bellow. Part of the profit will be donated to charity organizations.
(Please ask the gallery which organization the gallery will donating.)

How to partícipate
1. Check some the art works at the website. (Note: The bid will not be held at the website. Not all of the art works will be updated.)

2. Visit the gallery during the Tokyo Art & Antiques period. Make close examination. Make dicision of how much you would like to bid. Fill in the bid form provided at the gallery.

3. Just wait! The successful bidder will be noticed by email or phone call from the gallery. (The notice will only be provided to the successfull bidder)

*Please read the information carefully on the auction form.

Dates: 4/14 - 4/15 2017 
*some galleries will start before 4/14 and will end on 4/16.

Announcement of charity donation amount

Nov30, 2017

The sum of donation provided by the 12 participants of the Charity auction of 2017 Tokyo Art & Antiques was
242,500 yen.

We thank the visitors for participating the event and we are glad to be able to acomplish the charity donation.

Charity Bid participating galleries
*please contact the gallery for more information about the art works.

03 Shouun Oriental Art / Orient Occident

Jomon earthware pottery

11 art kawasaki

Fujita Tsuguharu Etching print 1951

13 Gallery SUIHA

Fujita Tsuguharu Etching print 1951

Bronz bird sculpture by the Indian Condo


Bronz bird sculpture by the Indian Condo 120 years ago


43 KAKEI's Fine Japanese & Asian Art

Tang Dynasty White Glazed Dog

Sake cups

52 Kitayama Fine Arts

Sake cups etc

Jomon Pottery Piece

53 Kyorai

Jomon Pottery Piece


53 Kyorai

Fudo-myo-ou-inbutsu, heirloom of Toji

53 Kyorai

Ordos Pegasus decoration Horse tack, Han dynasty

53 Kyorai

Tube beads from Kofun period


59 Tsutsumi Fine Arts

Kokutani Dish

73 Oriental Antiques Gallery Maesaka Seitendo

Enjoyable Koimari Dishes, Table ware set

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