TAA 2019 Charity Auction (close)

Charity bid will be held at the galleries bellow. Part of the profit will be donated to charity organizations.
(Please ask the gallery which organization the gallery will donating.)


How to partícipate
1. Check some the art works at the website.
(Note: The bid will not be held at the website. Not all of the art works will be updated. The announcement of art works will start from March 25 )

2. Visit the gallery during the Tokyo Art & Antiques period.
Make close examination. Make dicision of how much you would like to bid. Fill in the bid form provided at the gallery.

3. Just wait! The successful bidder will be noticed by email or phone call from the gallery.
(The notice will only be provided to the successfull bidder)

*Please read the information carefully on the auction form.


Dates: 4/25 - 4/27 2019 

*some galleries will start before 4/25 and will end on 4/28.

Charity Bid participating galleries
*please contact the gallery for more information about the art works.
The announcement of the art works to be bid, starts from March 25.
Click the image  to view details
Salvador Dali print : Charity Auction

Salvador Dali 1972, copperplate print

Japanese Style Paintings : Charity Auction

Oyama Katashi, size 6 Ito Shinsui, "Rose", size 8 Kato Toichi, "Mt. Bandai", size 4 Matsuo Toshio, "Peony", size 10

Jomon jar, Sueki, and others : Charity Auction

Jomon period jarh7cmBidding starts from 25,000yen~  Gosu Sometsuke bowl with cow designMing dynastyh8.5cmBidding starts from 50,000yen~  Sueki jar Kofun periodFormerly owned by Yasuda Yukihikoh14.5cmBidding starts from 40,000yen~  Bronze KannonnEdo per...

Charity Auction: Ban Chiang Jar

Ban Chiang Jar, Thai, around AD

Charity Auction

十一面観音懸仏 鎌倉時代 最低落札価格:70,000円

Prints, Artist goods : Charity Auction

Mark Kostabi  "KISS" James Rizzi autograph and print with edition "LIFE IN THE BIG APPLE" + color pencils etc

All from 15,000 yen!: Charity Auction

All bidding starts from 15,000yen! *image:  Ikeda Masuo, 1985, Lithograph, 38.3×28.2cm, ed150Bidding starts from 15,000 (tax included), with frame.

[Kyobashi, Nihonbashi], Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0031 Japan Depends on the gallery's open hours