We, "LLC KISHU" are "SHIFUKU" (cloth pouch for tea ceremony utensils) studio and also have workshop and classes.

We sell materials for making "SHIFUKU", such as

  • Kaiki <silk> 
  • various cords
  • tea ceremony utensils <for practice use>

and so on.

Notice: Our workshop is not open everyday so please contact by phone in case you visit.

Workshop "Sewing up a silk cloth, <i>Fukusa</i>" (closed)

April 25 thu - April 27 sat

We will be holding a workshop class to have the experience of making a small silk cloth called "Ko Fukusa", which is used in "CHANOYU" (tea ceremony). 

This workshop will be a practice or an entrance to sewing "SHIFUKU", a small pouch to cover a "CHAIRE", a tea powder container.

Notice: Reservation for class is required.

Fee: 1,000yen + price of cloth (from 5,000yen)

How to make reservation: Please call at 03-6225-2939.